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My Hero Academia takes place decades in the future where operating as a caped superhero is not the work of vigilantes like Batman or Superman. Instead, being a pro hero is a formal careercomplete with sponsors, government oversight, and even internship slots for youths who wish to learn the ways of a hero. More than once in My Hero AcademiaIzuku academia internet his classmates interned with onternet pro heroes and learned much from them while fighting crime in the real world. Then acadmia is the invicible All Might, who could teach an intern all sorts of things about combat, courage, and academja as a real hero, and many students could benefit from such an internship, even if they don't have One For All. In an informal way, protagonist Izuku Midoriya has already interned with All Might.

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10 My Hero Academia Characters Who Should Intern With All Might


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Like Izuku, Bakugo absolutely idolizes All Might and would do anything to be more like him. In such an internship, Bakugo would make a real effort to adjust his attitude, or at least change his outward persona, to match All Might's own.

Even Bakugo knows that he should follow the symbol of peace's example and enhance his heroic charisma if he's going to surpass All Might someday. The bookish Tenya Iida loves to study , but he's not a stereotypical skinny nerd. Tenya is a musclebound melee hero with engines in his calves, allowing him to run at incredible speeds and deliver bone-shattering kicks with the Recipro Burst and Recipro Turbo moves.

Tenya Iida's emphasis on melee combat makes him a fine pick for All Might's newest intern, but that's not all. Tenya is too uptight and stern, so he could learn true charisma from All Might and learn to project optimism, confidence, and friendliness instead. No one likes a terse pro hero. Izuku later learned that the mighty Mirio Togata had been All Might's original candidate for receiving One For All, and it's abundantly clear why. Mirio is already a miniature symbol of peace, a devastating melee warrior with sharp instincts and total mastery of his tricky Permeation Quirk.

He's already pro-level and then some. Mirio could sand off the rough edges and push himself just a bit further if he can score an internship with All Might.

He oozes warm charisma , but he's also easily riled and sometimes feels unsure of himself, so his internship could help him fix those issues before going pro. Mirio's incredibly shy, self-deprecating friend Tamaji Amajiki is a highly talented boy who simply needs to have more faith in himself.

He has a remarkable food-based Quirk that allows him to reshape his body parts according to what he eats, but his courage lags far behind his actual power. Tamaki might protest at first, but he would eventually get comfortable with an internship under All Might's wing. All Might is all about overcoming one's own limitations and fears to declare "I am here!

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