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If you're a Peloton fan, you're likely familiar with Ally Love. Since becoming an instructor for the cycling app inLove's infectious energy and spirituality-infused workouts have garnered her a dedicated audience of riders and fans around the world. However, the year-old's achievements go far beyond her popular spin classes. Love her career as a dancer, having received her high school education at the New World School of the Arts in Ally and then a bachelor's in fine arts for dance ally love bikini a minor in theology at Fordham University in New York via AllyLove. After graduating, she pursued dance and fitness before going on to other endeavors: Loove Nets host, model, and bikiini of her own female empowerment collective — Love Squad. Love's hard work and positive attitude is a central part of the brand she's built for herself, and has helped enable her to explore so many different ventures.

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Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. To get on that bike screen, Peloton's instructors have a grueling audition process that can last six months.

So it's no wonder they put their stuff on display as fitness inspiration. Recently engaged Ally Love is known for her weekly workout "Sundays with Love" that keep her fitness fans motivated. Alex Toussaint has a military school background to thank for his fitness discipline. The pop prince of Peloton, Cody Rigsby, keeps his rides upbeat and fun. Ben Alldis is a fan of marathons and "ultra endurance events" to push his body.

Robin Arzon is Peloton's VP of fitness programming. Jess King brings fitness with a slice of reality. Jenn Sherman is Peloton royalty as their very first Spin instructor. London instructor Leanne Hainsby was a dancer before joining Peloton. Kendall Toole keeps her curves with a background of cheerleading, gymnastics, dance and boxing.

Denis Morton does it all. Erik Jager balances out his rides with weight training to become walking fitness motivation. Bike instructor Tunde Oyenin seems to always be on wheels as she tones her legs in roller skates. After having a major surgery on her leg, doctors told her she would never be an athlete and that it was likely she would develop arthritis by the time she was a teenager.

After she recovered, Love began taking dance classes and eventually decided she wanted to pursue it as a career. Her parents supported her under the condition that she get a degree, which prompted Love to study at Fordham University.

Her physical challenges as a child inspired Love to make fitness and movement her life and in turn, help inspire others. If you're familiar with Ally Love's cycling classes , you've probably gathered that faith is a part of her life. But she doesn't just subscribe to a spirituality on a surface level; Love is a practicing Christian and active member of a local congregation.

She continued: "I found Redeemer and fell in love with the Bible -based teaching. That's a priority to me. We can all preach on feelings, but teaching on truth is what I live for, and learn from. According to Peloton , these classes are "specifically designed to help Members tap more deeply into their spiritual side. The Peloton instructor first shared their relationship on social media in , with a photo of the couple in Paris. In this same post, Love also shared a bit about their fondest memories together.

Earlier this year, Love announced that the pair got engaged while on a trip to Mexico over the holidays. In an exclusive interview with People , she shared the details of the special moment. It was beautiful. Put the ring on, and we had private fireworks. He had set up the whole thing unbeknownst to me, and it was quite beautiful. In addition to being a professional sports host, model , and fitness instructor, Ally Love is also a passionate entrepreneur.

Though her female empowerment collective Love Squad continues to grow and expand, it was born from humble beginnings.

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