Are javi and briana dating

Are javi and briana dating

Kailyn and Javi were married in while Kailyn was pregnant with their son Lincoln; before getting divorced inMTV's camera's captured Kailyn putting her hands on Javi, Javi's military deployment, and dealing with the aftermath of a miscarriage. While Kailyn was an original Teen Mom 2 cast member after appearing on 16 And PregnantBriana joined the crew in after another spin-off, Teen Mom 3proved are javi and briana dating. Shortly after Kailyn and Javi's divorce was rbianaKailyn's ex-husband and Briana began hitting it off. Fans were shocked at how quickly dafing progressed check this out the two; after claiming that they were just friends for weeks, Javi click to see more that he was dating Briana in October Naturally, Kailyn was less than impressed with their new relationship despite giving birth to Chris Lopez's first child, Lux, that Augustgiving way to the first three-way feud between them that almost ended in blows during the Teen Mom 2 season 8 reunion. Things eventually died down between Kailyn, Javi, and Briana in late birana Javi and Briana broke up in earlywhile Kailyn ended things with Chris for good two years and another kid, Creed, later. Despite things calming down between the trio during the COVID pandemic, tensions began heating up once more last summer datinh Kailyn sued Briana for defamation.

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Over the years, the franchise has showcased many interesting cast members and their romantic equations full of twists and turns. Fans were extremely happy to see them together and there has always been a curiosity about how the couple is doing presently. Here is everything we know so far. The couple began dating exclusively in Fall Javi is a single father with two children from a previous relationship. Furthermore, the couple decided to introduce themselves as friends in front of their children until simon netflix tinder swindler figured things out better.

Teen Mom 2: All The Drama Between Kailyn, Javi & Briana Explained


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Viewers continued to watch in bewilderment as their romance unfolded and the drama ensued. Being in a long-distance relationship — with the U. Air Force serviceman living in Delaware and DeJesus residing in Florida — was just one of aer many issues they faced. Marroquin also wanted to rush ans along and make DeJesus his wife before potentially getting deployed which he may click to see more may not have lied aboutBTWwhile the mother of two was content with taking things at a slower pace. Much slower, to be exact. By the time January rolled around, their short-lived relationship was donezo, but it was still playing out on our television screens.

Briana announced her engagement to Javi after he proposed to her during their romantic Miami getaway. The reality star shares her daughter Nova, nine, with Ar Austin28, and Stella, four, with her ex Luis Hernandez. Briana opened up about her engagement as she continues her heated feud with co-star Kailyn Lowry Kailyn filed a lawsuit against Briana claiming that the MTV star "asserted that Lowry more info beat Christopher Lopez, the father of two of Lowry's sons, and broke into and entered the home of Mr. Lopez's mother. Defendant used Lowry ane gain additional media attention for herself.

Chris, who hosts the podcast P. D -Pressure Talks with Single Dads , invited Briana on his show earlier this year, with the aforementioned text messages revealing that they recorded an episode sometime between late January and early February. Briana 's finally made her appearance on P. D 's March 16 episode; listeners have been less than impressed with the podcast so far, calling the material offensive and the audio quality bad.

While Kailyn and Teen Mom fans found Briana interacting with another one of her exes messy, things got worse when fans on Reddit spotted Briana and Chris rocking the same shirt once Briana arrived back home. While it's important to note that it hasn't been confirmed that the shirt is indeed Chris's, many believe that it's too prevalent to be just a coincidence. After being accused of going through Javi's phone, Kailyn shared a screenshot of all the photos shared between her and Javi.

Captioning the Instagram Story with, "I don't have to hack when it's sent to me - on FaceTime so he could "see my reaction," Kailyn crossed out every photo but one; zooming in on the image shows that it's the original text between Javi and Briana that was leaked on March Briana may have deleted all of her tweets about Javi and Kailyn, but fans on Reddit , once again, came to the rescue.

Speaking out after Kailyn's admission on March 17, Briana calls Javi "a snake in the grass," before claiming that she had incriminating texts from Javi speaking badly about Kailyn and her children. He never will be," the star wrote, before denying being with Chris again, saying, "I could literally have [Javi and Chris] at the same time. But I don't want any of them. Javi deleted his Instagram shortly after his meddling was exposed.

After suing Briana for defamation last summer, Briana has fought back by filing a protection order against Kailyn. With all the drama between Kailyn, Briana, and Javi this week, Kailyn finally had enough and unfollowed almost everyone on Instagram.

So this is where his relationship with DeJesus comes into play The mother of two believed Marroquin may have had ulterior motives all along.

He was only with me to be on TV. Just to get more camera time," DeJesus told Radar Online. This wouldn't be the first time Marroquin was called out for being hungry for fame. Lowry spoke with former The Bachelor star Olivia Caridi on her podcast, Mouthing Off , in October and said Marroquin pretended he had no clue about her MTV reality show gig when they initially met.

When she was asked if she thought he started dating her so he could be on television, Lowry reportedly answered, "Oh absolutely. With news that Marroquin was expecting a baby with Comeau, rumors swirled that she wasn't the only person with whom Marroquin was potentially cheating on DeJesus.

Believe it or not, he was also reportedly attempting to mend things with Lowry, too! I regret filming about it. And hooking up [with] him as I know people from the reunion leaked that. When DeJesus was asked to give her take on Marroquin playing the field behind her back, she told Radar Online , "She [Kail] would hit me up and say 'Javi is lying to you,' she always said Javi was such a liar, I never understand what that meant.

DeJesus went on to say her relationship with Marroquin was "stressful," and she was happy things were over. I'm not going to fall into that trap. Just weeks before sticking a fork in their relationship, Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin made a huge decision together: to adopt a dog named Bubba. They reportedly went halfsies on the cost to purchase the puppy, and Marroquin wanted to be reimbursed for his portion of his investment following their breakup. DeJesus claimed Marroquin used Bubba as a way to maintain contact with her, and he would also stick his nose into her personal business — specifically, the rumors that she was spending time with her exes.

He needs to stop harassing me and go worry about the relationship between Kail and him. That wasn't all. DeJesus also made it clear that she was washing her hands of Marroquin once and for all. He moved on super fast Instagram.

They no longer communicate Twitter. He didn't support her mommy makeover Getty Images. She shot down his lackluster proposal Getty Images. Did Marroquin have ill intentions? Was he trying to get back with his ex-wife? Getty Images.

Furthermore, the couple decided to introduce themselves as friends in front of their children until they figured things out better. After eight months of dating, Javi and Briana got engaged in May The couple went together on a romantic getaway in Miami, where Javi proposed to her. However, just two weeks after the engagement, rumors of a split between the couple started floating around in June when Briana unfollowed Javi on Instagram. She rubbished the speculations by clarifying that she never followed him on Instagram.

On being seen without her ring, Briana said that Javi had taken it to the store to get it upgraded. The makers refused to film with her, and thus she had threatened to quit the show. The issue did get resolved when Javi finally agreed, but did it cause a rift between the couple? The couple called off their engagement in August , and Briana confirmed it in a QnA session she did with fans on her Instagram.

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