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Imagine you approached someone you admired, and boldly asked that person to mentor you. Have conversations with your mentor gotten repetitive? To re-invigorate mentoring discussions, prepare a thoughtful, diverse slate of questions ahead of time. Below are four types of questions to aks your mentor, along with 10 related examples for each type. Implement these at your next meeting to keep things interesting—and valuable—for you and your mentor. To break the ice, have your mentor tell a story from his or jentor own career.

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Knowing how to ask good questions to a mentor is key to a successful relationship. At MentorCruise, our mentees often w about how to ask the right questions ask a mentor will lead to meaningful exchanges between the mentee and mentor. After all, there are so many questions, but not enough time to ask them all during mentoring sessions. Many of them partly attribute their success to asking the right questions. Here are two examples that roughly ask the same question, one is more specific and the other a bit vaguer:.

How to Ask Someone to be Your Mentor Without the Awkwardness (Free Templates) - Growth Mentor


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Jump to content. Schedule an initial conversation. Ask your potential mentor if he or this web page can make time for an hour meeting with you. This is where that preliminary brainstorming on your part will help you articulate just what you have in mind. Describe what advice or guidance you are q and for what purpose. Is it to help you navigate your current department politics or are you seeking to apply to a different position?

Have you found the perfect mentor, but are unsure of what steps to take next? What questions dating pegasus you ask them to get the most out of the time you have together? What areas should you focus on to accelerate your growth? Ask a mentor, we wrote a post on everything you need to know about where to find mentorswhat qualities metor look for in them, and how to approach them. Today, we expand on our guide and ak 37 questions you can ask your mentor to fully develop your relationship with them, and continue reading your growth as a leader.

Mentorship is an investment in time and energy. And in return, your mentor might grow to care less about your progress. After all, a great mentoring relationship is partly predicated on a mentor who wants to see you succeed, so you have to put in the hard work.

Having great questions to ask a mentor is just the start. Your questions should lead to meaningful exchanges and guide your next steps. In this way, use questions as a sounding board for action. From your ongoing list of questions and mentorship topics , identify ways to build your career together. For example, after asking your mentor questions about entrepreneurship, you might come up with a plan to build your business mindset, including leaders to follow and books to read.

Or as part of your mentorship relationship, you might troubleshoot a current team dilemma and talk about leadership traits to cultivate this next quarter. Finally, questions you ask a mentor about career development may lead to actionable mentoring goals such as improving your networking or interviewing skills. Here are boilerplate questions to consider asking a mentor during your sessions.

Remember that mentorships thrive when mentees ask specific questions, instead of vague ones. These are meant to be open-ended questions that you can turn them into something more specific. And one more thing: context is key.

Contextualize your questions before or after asking. This helps the mentor figure out how to give meaningful answers. You can make the most of your mentorship experience by asking questions about career development, growth, leadership, career path, entrepreneurship and more! What are the necessary skills that I should develop to rapidly grow in my career? How did you bounce back?

Do you have some tips for networking online? This question is even more relevant than ever today, as more companies are embracing working from home. Questions to ask a mentor about career paths may vary according to your needs. You can think of questions to ask a career mentor related to their personal experiences as well.

For example, you might want to ask about:. No problem! Remember that asking the right questions to your prospective mentor is only one part of the equation. The road to career success is often a bumpy one, and career development may often seem confusing.

But imagine how much easier it would be if you had an experienced industry leader available anytime to offer career advice and expert guidance. At MentorCruise , you can pick through many experts and industry leaders to see the right mentor for your needs. Our free 'state of mentorship' shows you the facts, stats and studies on this career superpower. Change your career, grow into leadership, start a business, get a raise. Boosting your career is easier with some help!

Join our value-packed newsletter to learn from the giants of the industry. Ask questions on these key topics to get the ball rolling Coming up with questions to ask a career mentor can be tricky. For example, you can ask questions on these topics to get to know the mentor better and initiate a good conversation: Expertise, career development, self-improvement and building skills.

You can ask specific advice on how to learn and develop a skill or for actionable tactics to help surmount a certain obstacle. Storytelling is a craft that humans naturally gravitate to as social creatures.

Relationships develop through sharing stories that help us connect with one another. This principle also applies to mentoring relationships. Ask more specific issues regarding your career or theirs. What does that mean? If your mentor is much more senior than you and has been in a position of influence, they will know how to answer this.

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Check out my website or some of my other work here. It will help you better get to know them, and reveal unique insights about their life that you may want to repeat, or do differently. That might mean working on a particular soft skill, reading a new book, adopting a new outlook and mindset, meeting new people, or simply putting into practice what you talked about.

Whatever the area you focus on, make sure you set clear action items for yourself and follow through on what you discuss with your mentor. It also is the most important thing to keep them as your mentor, because mentors want to see that their efforts with you are paying off. Want the best advice packaged up for you in an easy-to-use system that makes following best practices simple? Then, sign up for a day free trial of Lighthouse. Lighthouse was designed to help managers of all experience levels improve their soft skills starting with your most powerful tool - the We also provide you with automated reminders to help you and your team make consistent progress, complementing what you learn from your mentor.

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