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Several times, I have had vivid dreams about dating Continue reading. Once, we were gook eggs together to feed multitudes of people at huge banquet tables, and although we had only a few eggs to start with, they never ran out. In another, Jesus was driving a car and I was sitting next to biok. Suddenly, to my horror, I saw in the rearview mirror dating jesus book a large glob of mucus was hanging out of my nose. But before I could clean myself up, Jesus reached over and datibg the mucus away with the most exquisitely tender touch I had ever experienced. At such a humiliating moment, how could anyone have been so gentle as to leave me glowing with an astonished joy? So naturally, I was drawn to a book entitled Dating Jesus.

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How in the heck do you find contentment with Jesus when you feel the daily nagging ache for true earthly love—the love that even God said is xating better way Genesis ? Date Jesus. Many have discovered this only after they got married and were still lonely. I just so happen to be married, but a few years ago when I was single—and lonely—I began dating Jesus. Nor I for him.

Dating Jesus: The Single Cure for Loneliness


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The Stars in April. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. Make future plans with him. Write just like you would to a most intimate lover. Get ready for him to respond! Record his answers. In my prayer journal where I write letters to him, I also have a section where I write all the things he does or speaks into my life. This is such an awesome record to have because I forget.

I go back periodically and read about all the intimate secrets he and I have shared, character qualities he has demonstrated to me, and details he has worked out in my life. And I am so amazed at how they add up to significant events and opportunities. Walk and talk. Every couple falling in love enjoys leisurely, frequent walks, hand in hand.

Talk to him as a best friend because he is truly there with you. If you like music, bring your headphones and make it a worship time. You will feel so refreshed in his love. Set real dates. These usually occur in nature for me. At this point, he usually starts showing off, captivating me with his majesty, pointing out amazing things he formed with his bare hands … for me.

His presence feels as near as my very breath. No human could touch the holy romance of the intimate moments we share during these times. Make cards or gifts for him. I felt so happy when I was done, remembering I did have Someone to love and dote over—Someone who just so happened to have invented love. And there he was, waiting to capture my heart as well!

Study Him.

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