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By sugarplumJuly 3, in Mainland China. It's just too awkward. Anyone can please translate it? That's too bad. ELOD's kissed scenes were already attached into my chjnese and my mind. Funnily enough It's should love dating LYS who should be worried about those hot scenes.

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By sugarplumJuly 3, in Mainland China. LJ was affected by the picture the stepbrother sent him earlier and the subsequent incidences. I think in moments where he is detached from his emotions and thinking rationallyhe may suspect that the brother is not entirely genuine when he the stepbrother says that he likes GSN. So, prior to that scene, where he gained access to Dating kitchen chinese drama phone and saw the trail of messages from the stepbrother, he had his doubts - was it possible that GSN datihg attracted to his brother? So, to get to the point, the phone messages basically show that it was the stepbrother who reached out to GSN, stating that he wants her to here the bridge between their relationship and our gal innocently thinks she is doing a good deed without knowing what is going on she says 'leave dating kitchen chinese drama to me'. Iktchen then later messages include the stepbrother trying to cajole GSN probably after the pix incident asking her if she is going to ignore him, that he would try to make amends and explain the situation with LJ, that since his father's death, he feels lonely and wants someone to talk to. Essentially he was trying to make her feel sorry for him, time and time again, it worked.

Dating in the Kitchen (OST) (我,喜欢你) lyrics with translations


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Many actors started acting in childhood, but few succeeded. Here is a former Thai child actor who link still active chinesr thrives! Missing the atmosphere of a warm and peaceful Winter? Here are some of Cryssy's recommendations with light blue and white theme! Did you know that some of the most successful Korean dramas of the last years were adapted from webtoons?

Lin Shen Rosy Zhao. Dating in the kitchen chinese drama eng sub. Something Just Like This. Mercari de Atta Honto no. Dating In The Kitchen chinese drama ep 18 eng sub. Dating in the kitchen. Somewhere Beyond the Mis.

The Untamed Chinese drama added by Ieva A delicious tale full of good food and sweet romance Dating in the Kitchen is a romantic comedy directed by Chen Chang. To make matters worse an unfortunate misunderstanding lands her on the wrong side of her soon-to-be boss the sharp-tongued CEO. Kissasian And DramaCool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update.

Dating in the Kitchen sub indo Dating in the Kitchen sub indonesia. Soot Rak Sap E. Working as an assistant chef at the Zijing Hotel Gu Sheng Nan was a woman well on her way to making her dreams come true. Dating in the Kitchen Dating in the Kitchen. Pin On Drama China. Pin On Songs. Again, the number of people Lu Jin deems acceptable is three people, so his exclusion of lu zheng is not extraordinary or statistically significant.

And Lu Jin does not want to forgive, give grace and move on-guess what he ended up doing in the end though, wild guess, take your shot, but that is another discussion for another day. But what did Lu Jin do in the meantime? He rejects her candle lit dinner, rejects her food, thus rejecting her. He self preservedly withdrew his affections and left her in a desolate emotional limbo and purgatory.

So when someone leaves her, she has options to turn to for favorability, home, affections, and love. And he still left cause was Lu Jin at a place to be back on good terms and progress forward with Shengnan if ziquian remained a constant hum in the background?

Lu Jin defense mechanism is to retreat into solitude so he can reassess and deliberate, but in doing so, he has also left Shengnan hanging which prompts HER defense and coping mechanisms. There is no final chop of separation, just perpetual anguish and turmoil in the fact that Shengnan is on bad terms with a person she desperately want to like her, so she non-convolutedly says and do things to appease his angst, cause his angst triggers her angst.

Lu Jin angst is based on the fear that the suspension of their relationship in space is as fleeting as wisps of smoke, because there is such background level of struggle that is inherent in their relationship. Love is effort. Their love is forged through intentional decisions, actual expending of actual adenosine triphosphate towards their bond, and is only as secure as their participation makes it.

So when one retreats and take a step back He is such a mess. So onward we go. Malin Kim 61 posts. SC 30 posts. October 2, Would like to share with you a blog post about the drama, beautifully written and pretty much reflects how I feel about the drama. No, I didn't write this, of course. But I won't be surprised if it wa.

September 23, Trailer summary of E19 and September 19, Loving this drama we are sometimes like LJ , we aim for perfection with our hearts. Just saw ep 19 and 20, and read sloonstarius Thanks for your essay.

I have to find your other ones. I cannot finish the drama. Now I want to read your other stuff and go back when I have chance. Just dropping by to say a quick hi.

Good to see you here! I love it when GSN said in a small voice she was wrong and promised not to make a joke anymore. Great acting from ZLS. Haha age gap are weird if they are not attractive heheh.

Hmmnlets just say LYS has the charisma and manly present. Although we got some there are people complaining about his weight and height. Lol that is average asian built. What did you do wrong? Say clearly. He sounds so manly and hoarse make me need holy water to put out the fire in my heart.

And Nannan is so innocent she doesn't understand his intention in the words so she thought he wanted to break her legs to keep her laying on bed but it's the other way around.

I cant stop laughing watching that. I need full video of that conversation asap. Omg watched ep tonight. Thank god for this forum because that gym scene was hotter thanks to the BTS and the censors definitely tamed it down. Hubba hubba. Malin Kim I agree with the quotes, Lu Jin was smexy with his deep husky voice talking in his low growl in the bed.

Oh my! Also applaud your efforts with Chinese. Reminds me of mine with Korean. Nodame this drama makes me wanna learn Chinese.

Wanna know the hidden meaning in their conversations. Wink Wink!!! Look at the comments. Netizens are miserable because Lin Yushen is married, and they desperately want to ship them. Some fans just couldn't help it. This CP is the sweetest.. I clicked the link in Chrome, so the text are automatically translated to English. I'll try to screencap it later! ETA: decided to put the article in spoiler tag, so those who may not want to read it can scroll directly to the next post!

On the day of the premiere of "My Hometown and Me", Deng Chao took advantage of the roadshow to sneak in to see a director. No one thought that an adaptation of the blue and white novel "Finally Waiting for You" also the original movie "I like you" , a sweet pet drama about the overbearing president falling in love with the cook, dominated Weibo hot searches for more than ten days. A few days ago, the finale on demand was ahead of schedule. The score of "I, Like You" was locked at 7.

Earlier, he was a dancer and a real estate salesperson. Moreover, very talkative. He talked about drama theory and took the book from the "think tank" for the next day when he was filming every night. He did not hesitate to praise, praised the co-actor Zhao Lusi as "Little Zhou Xun", and also revealed that there is no "more persistent person" than Deng Chao and Yu Baimei of the same company. The eloquence is overflowing, and it is a thousand miles away.

The dry goods and heartfelt words of the new and popular drama director Chen Chang are below! Director Chen Chang. The reason for the initial acceptance of the show was simple.

When the producer Zhang Na came to me, he said that this book is quite interesting, just take a look. I took it over and took a look. I found the lines to be quite fun, plus I really like the movie "Like You" , so I decided at that time. But when I saw the previous script, I felt something was wrong. The emotional line of the hero and heroine is different from what I imagined, and the three views are also different.

So I said we have to find a new screenwriter team and change it again. So a few of us sat deeply in a coffee shop for half a month, and we suffocated 12 episodes.

I am not like a product manager, soliciting opinions from the audience first, and then customizing and launching some works.

I have been a drama director before, and I am used to constantly adjusting the content based on on-site operations, and I also like to participate in script creation, so when there are problems with the relationship between characters in this script, I feel that I must put some freshness in a limited framework thing. For example, the relationship between the hero and heroine. I don't know who is a cat; I don't know who is a mouse. What we want to show is to be each other. Lu Jin seems to be the boss, but he always encounters bad luck and often has embarrassing times; while Gu Shengnan seems to be a little girl, but often has very tough times.

And when the audience gets used to this setting, it will change again. Everyone thinks that Gu Shengnan can handle Lu Jin, but after all, she also has her own softness. At this time, Lu Jin must stand up. In that scene where Lu Jin helped Gu Shengnan speak at the dinner, some viewers said it was really enjoyable. Because he doesn't often stand up, the moment he stands up is commendable. The moment you stand up, it will be fresher and more vigorous. For the food shooting in the play, we were looking for the "Diary Eclipse" team.

I once photographed such subjects as food, and found it too difficult and time-consuming. If you want to shoot the dish, you have to warm it up, and you have to wait while it is hot; then you have to take close-ups, and then you have to wait; you have to decorate it when you shoot it, and it can't be like home-cooked dishes.

So I said we have to find a professional team. I have watched the video of "Diary Eclipse", there is a smoke and a breath of life. You think Lu Jin himself is such an overlord, and you are looking for a chef from a five-star hotel to shoot fairy food.

How can this show be grounded? You have to shoot something that makes the audience appetite, such as the flower beetle powder that appears in the show. I think for me, a few points are important to adapt a book. First, we must innovate. Although there is a party in the original work, as a director, one should not first consider whether the first and second episodes are exactly the same as the original.

Instead, we have to find ways to let the audience see our sincerity from the beginning. Even if you haven't seen the original work, you can say "Wow". Second, even if it cannot be better than the film version, there will be changes.

Because they are all adapted from blue and white novels, it is inevitable that some viewers will make comparisons. But in fact, I think if it can't be better than the film version, at least some new changes will be added to give people a refreshing feeling. Just like the use of flour to paddle carts and fake Korean in the play, the plot and details have changed, and it should be interesting. If you can't do the first two, I personally feel that you should honestly follow the original and follow the original.

After all, the original work is already relatively influential. If the adaptation is not good, why bother to go down? When the cast was casting the cast, I had a hard time. Think about it, there are many small fresh meats in China, but there are not many uncles of this type.

You want to find someone to play the middle-aged uncle, but he has to be oily. How difficult is this? Later, the producer Zhang Na first proposed Lin Yushen. I thought about it and found it appropriate. First of all, I have seen some of his previous works, and I like them better. Secondly, they are handsome, in line with the original image of Lu Jin. The most important thing is that he has relatively little exposure, is relatively low-key, and does not give people the established impression.

When I first saw him, he had a beard. I could say to look at you without a beard, and then he shaved it off, I saw, ho, ten years younger!

But the problem is also coming, the feeling of Lu Jin in the original is gone. At that time, we discussed for a long time the question of whether Lu Jin had a beard, and voted. Because after all, you play the image of an overbearing president, and it is also a relatively easy to routine role. If growing a beard makes the audience feel "greasy", then this is almost like a label, firmly attached to you. So we put a lot of effort into making adjustments in time if we felt a little problematic.

For example, Lu Jin ridiculed on the Internet "semi-permanent suit", he said that he has been wearing a suit, even when he fell into the water. Even if you don't take off your suit, tears ooze out of your eyes. You are a man, not a god. No matter how strong people are, they will definitely reveal their true emotions when they encounter pressure and setbacks.

Otherwise, what the audience sees is not a real thing, and the image of the boss is no different from the usual routines. Therefore, most of the comments about Lu Jin on the Internet are saying that the image of the tyrant is particularly cute, down-to-earth, and makes people feel very comfortable. This is also closely related to the actors' acting skills. Because Lin Yushen is almost an actor with no deviations. What is not a deviation? It is that when he grasps the character, he analyzes every feature of the character very accurately, even the smallest details.

He will not leave when there is no scene with him. I said you go to rest, and he said I want to feel it again and thoroughly understand this character.

What moved me the most was that when we were filming in winter, he was always wearing a thin suit and standing in the cold wind. I said you would come in for a while , he said no, I couldn't get out as soon as I went in, it was too warm and comfortable inside.

He is such an excellent actor who is responsible for himself. And Zhao Lusi is very, very talented. When filming, I described her as Xiao Zhou Xun. First of all, she is 21 years old, which is the same age as the character, and is quite consistent in all aspects. In addition, she is very spiritual and perceptive. Although she is from a non-major class and may not have so much experience, this is also her advantage.

At that time, I talked to her about the play, and asked her to let her guard down, throw away all the restrictions on the character in the script, and then live the story on her own. For example, when others perform this passage, they laugh, but you can cry; others cry, but you can laugh. Just present them according to your understanding of the character.

Maybe when writing the script, the image in your mind is not her, but you must adjust it according to the actor's characteristics when filming. I call this "tailor-made". By the middle of the shooting, Zhao Rusi hardly needed my help. Just give her a hint, and she will immediately understand what I mean. There was a scene where she quarreled with Lin Yushen and chopped mushrooms in the kitchen.

This was also a turning point in their relationship. Most of the previous plays were brought by Lin Yushen because he is a very experienced actor. At this time, I said to Zhao Lusi, "This scene is brought by a girl.

You must bring this rhythm. I just said a few words. After filming this scene, Lin Yushen ran over and asked me, "Did you teach her something secretly? After that scene, I felt very relieved about Ruth. I think you just have to say something to her and she will understand it. After the episode was updated, I watched the barrage of that show on the website.

Everyone was complimenting Zhao Lusi's acting skills, and I was very happy for her. You ask why this drama is "sweet and not tangy". Let me give you an example. Lu Jin went to find out who had changed Gu Shengnan's dishes. He Holmes used his upper body to tell the truth by reasoning "routine" Yu Master.

The audience thought this scene was pretty good, but the script was completely different at first. This was not the case at the beginning, but I felt something was wrong with the filming, so I discussed a new version with the screenwriter. During the live shooting, Lin Yushen felt that it was not too satisfying, so we saved a bit according to the on-site effect and achieved the best effect.

Therefore, when it was actually presented to the audience, the episode had been changed three times. Finally, the audience is now seeing the state. Many times you watch sweet pet dramas, and you think it's a routine when you look at it.

You may abandon the drama when you are bored. In fact, the script is unlikely to write a lot of anti-routine content. In many cases, it depends on performance and some off-the-shelf things. When filming, I do my homework every day. The time for homework is often concentrated on the night before shooting each day. Every night I will take the book from the next day, but I am not going alone. I will call a think tank, with a director team, lighting, and photography, all called together, and everyone will go together.

It is very effective, because after reading the script and understanding all the characters, actors and scenes, it will be clear which points are suitable and which points need to be strengthened.

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