Dating naked season 2 episodes

Dating naked season 2 episodes

Sign In. Dating Naked —. Season: 1 2 link Unknown. Year: S1, Ep1. Error: please try again.

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Sign In. Dating Naked —. Season: 1 2 3 Unknown. Year: S2, Ep1. Error: please try again.

‘Dating Naked’ Season 2 Spoilers: 15 Surprising Moments From Episode 9 [VIDEO]


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Watch Episodes. Season 2 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1. Twentysomething singles Kerri episoded Chris decide to bare it all in order to find love, but their intriguing first dates on the island prove that nudity won't be the most challenging factor. Kerri struggles to tips on dating an older guy between Brooklyn bro Louie and California surfer dude David, while Chris enjoys a paintball date and resorts to "the kiss test" to decide upon his new Keeper. Chris has a wild rafting date with a high-spirited unicorn, and Nakde is insulted when Louie turns his attentions to confident model Fallon.

Amy Paffrath served as the host for the first two and was clothed in tinder diwn appearances. The first season was filmed on an island in Panama. The second season, vating Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps and filmed in the Philippinespremiered on July 22, [1] and concluded on September 16, The third season, datong by Rocsi Diaz and filmed in Bora Borapremiered on June 29,and concluded on September 14, The show matched up several contestants who were routinely switched with other contestants. While contestants were nude most of the time, the show does not show contestants' genitals. The first season featured a new pair of contestants in each episode.

Curvy Stephanie and feisty Andrea vie for Chris's affections. Meanwhile, pro-wrestler Mark and suave Italian Domenico hope to win Kerri's heart. S2, Ep6. Kerri struggles to watch Chris' relationship with his Keeper continue to grow. Chris plays a sweaty, naked game of basketball with Lauryn and gets dance lessons from bald, bodybuilder Amanda.

Kerri's luck may change when Justin, a gorgeous personal trainer and stand up comic Doug arrive. S2, Ep7. After a volleyball match with a Dating Naked veteran and a game of dress up with the vivacious Carrie, Chris must decide to move on or dig deeper with his Keeper. Kerri and her Keeper are hot and heavy but she's got two new dates on the horizon. Perhaps a new cowboy will lasso her heart or maybe a tattooed band manager will strike the right chord.

S2, Ep8. The sparks aren't exactly flying for Chris, Kerri and their respective Keepers. Bad boy Dan and budding mogul Wilson step in to try to light Kerri's flame. Jokey, tomboy Erica and beautiful, bar top girl, Elissa attempt to steal Chris's heart. S2, Ep9. With their time on the island nearing an end, Kerri reveals her true feelings for Chris and wants to know how he feels.

But with both of them already having potential matches in the house and more dates on the way, it may be too little too late. S2, Ep It's the season finale and the tension is at its peak! Chris and Kerri must choose who has captured their hearts. Will it be one of their daters or could it be each other? Their decisions shock everyone as their final choices are revealed. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Top Gap. See more gaps ». Add episode. Steven, the self-proclaimed "King of the Nerds" and Taryn, a sexy San Francisco blonde, have come to paradise in search of a naked love connection.

Three dates featuring several exciting and sensual activities await each of them! Taryn and Steven will waterski, ATV through the jungle, salsa dance, play beach games and take photographs all while totally nude.

They'll expose themselves to a whole new way of dating all in the hopes that true love will be revealed. S1, Ep3. Huge athletic stud Keegan probably can afford to be choosy, doing great at all three dates, except when shameless bitch Katie viciously and pointlessly blames him, and in time the whole show team, for a black eye because she failed to protect her face while they slid down a jungle cable, he picks the somewhat riper Asian. Nerd Dan fears being outclassed by both other men, both Keegan, who verbally bags on him as a sexually immature sissy, and US infantry veteran Scott, yet is picked for his gentleman courtesy by Diane.

S1, Ep4. Chuck, a fast talking swimwear designer from Miami and Camille, an edgy Las Vegas bartender have come to paradise looking for love.

But only by putting it all out there will they be able to experience dating in it's purist form - totally nude. During their quest they will each go on three dates and experience yachting, cigar rolling, wine tasting and even a little bit of yoga, all while in their birthday suits. S1, Ep5. These two singles bravely bare it all on three naked dates in search of a real connection. Presented by VH1. S1, Ep6. Greg, a formerly shy accountant turned MMA fighter, and Ashley a free-spirited artist from Denver, Colorado come to a romantic private island with the hope that finding a match might still be possible.

But if they want to get their date on, they'll have to take their clothes off. S1, Ep7. Having had no luck on the dating scene back home, AJ and Liddy arrive in paradise eager for a shot at true love. Wearing only a smile and some sunblock, the two will go on three dates and enjoy such activities as a banana boat ride, a buried treasure hunt, riding trail horses and even a good old fashioned game of beer pong!

S1, Ep8. Accomplished player Mike y has no trouble cheekily flaunting his fine physique frock-less and charming three dates in a row, starting with Moenay, who expects too much. Next comes Stephanie, an airhead party girl but to his taste. Neither girl has any interest in studly 'old' Dan, who is preoccupied with weird vibes 'lifestyle' theory. The third man bails out without even seeing Moenay, who tries to catch up with Stephanie, who already spent the night with Mikey, by kissing, but isn't chosen.

S1, Ep9. Sean is an ex-Marine from Philadelphia on a recon mission for romance. Juliet is a British dance instructor looking for a permanent Tango partner.

The hunt for love has brought the two of them to a tropical paradise where they will strip down for dates with three eager - and likewise unclothed - partners. Sean and Juliet will participate in an inflatable human hamster ball race, bocce ball match, trampoline acrobatics, and jungle ATV-ing -- all while stark naked.

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