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Oikawa, Kuroo, Terushima. Originally posted by strangergirlsworld. Keep reading. My only concern is that w Faje i like using a reader take powers bc writing as though the reader is on even ground w Garou power-wise feels unrealistic and a little unappealing apple forgot me. Usually I am not a huge fan of Michael but this was just chef's kiss. Please work on a pt. I would love to see where things go with them and her father and the new queen and king.

Oreosmama — Break Up Prank (Haikyuu!! Fake Texts)


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I'm not very good at writing for new characters, but I'll haikyuu x reader fake dating give it a shot for PhanTrash who is probably my most consistent request maker lol xD. Panting heavily, Tsutomu watched as the volleyball hit the center of the court on the other side of the net, still not completely satisfied with his serves. If he was going to be the ace in two years time, he would really need to work on his serves and how they were going to surpass the other team. But even though he had been practicing for nearly three hours now article source his stamina was near enough to zero, the boy still wasn't happy with the standards he had set himself. Picking up another cating from the cart, Tsutomu got ready to serve the ball when he heard the voice of someone he https://solargemeinschaft-biohof-deiters-gbr.de/other/live-video-chatting.php, but in these circumstances, was the last person he wanted to see. She knew that Tsutomu was having trouble with his volleyball practices, and she wasn't going to get angry at him for trying harder to achieve what he wanted to achieve. If anything, she was going to rexder and help him, but practicing until the point of exhaustion was not the answer.

Bokuto, Ushijima, Kita, Daichi. Originally posted by strangergirlsworld. Keep reading. My only concern is that w Garou i like using a reader without powers bc writing as though the reader is on even ground w Garou power-wise feels unrealistic and a read article unappealing for me. Usually I am not a huge fan of Michael but this was just datint kiss. Please work on a pt.

He can read people very well, which is what makes him such a great setter. I was just trying to make conversation! Yuu simply nods his head towards Asahi.

Maybe he means the same position as him? There is a clatter at the door of the udon place, signalling the arrival of the Tanaka siblings.

Asahi is thankful for the distraction. Yuu veritably slithers out of his seat and onto the floor, crawling under the table to pop out from under it on the other side. I trust Yuu. Yuu emerges, hair rather deflated from ruffling, squeezing, and being swung around in the air. Tanaka, being on the team, is already known, but Tanaka Saeko is introduced to the team, and seats are rearranged again.

Tanaka is having a rather loud conversation across the table with Yamamoto, and thankfully, Izuki seems engrossed in a conversation too, so Asahi is left to eat his udon in peace. Most of the team members are, in fact, adults, so alcohol litters the table, and faces get rosier and voices get louder. Asahi only has water, but feels himself getting more cheerful and comfortable anyways, as the atmosphere shifts.

Asahi glances at his drink suspiciously. Yeah, thank you for coming! His entire torso is twisted to face Asahi. Asahi feels something shift then, Yuu staring up at him with a serious, earnest expression on his face.

Yuu turns back to him, an attentive look on his face. Before Asahi can reply, Yuu swoops in and plants a kiss on his cheek, before following Saeko towards the back hall. Once he has the presence of mind to look around, he is thankful to see that nobody really noticed him acting so weirdly at getting a kiss on the check from the person meant to be his boyfriend. The only person is Tanaka, who is giving him rather an odd sort of unhappy look, but turns away before their eye contact becomes awkward.

True to his word, Yuu does pay Asahi more attention when he returns with freshly spiked hair. Tanaka joins in and they reminisce about their high school days.

It is an entirely enjoyable night, at least until the team disperses at the end of the night. There are the familiar rowdy goodbyes on an otherwise quiet darkened street, groups of team members breaking off in different directions to head home. They decide that Yuu deserves a quiet walk home with his boyfriend, since it is his birthday, but the Tanaka siblings walk with them for a short while.

None of them talk about how well it went, that clearly the team was fooled into thinking they really are dating. Instead, Yuu regails them with a retelling of an obscure horror film he saw, and the illusion of dating lasts just a little longer. There are so many dumb things I know you would do! What kind of advice is that? Saeko laughs as they walk away. Yuu and Asahi walk in relatively companionable silence after that.

They are not holding hands, and something is bothering Asahi, so he just has to ruin the calm night. Yuu looks up at him, a concerned expression on his face. The fake dating thing I mean. Yuu looks as downtrodden as ever, and they walk in silence for a few blocks.

His face feels overheated and prickly. Asahi had thought Yuu would have been happy at the prospect of being released from this weird charade. They are passing a hour corner store when Yuu tugs on his sleeve, silently pointing to the store. Yuu nods, and Asahi follows him in. There is a man and a woman behind the counter, and a surprising number of people in the store for that time of night.

Asahi finds a clock on the wall. Yuu makes a beeline to the frozen section, and Asahi trails after him, feeling guilty for upsetting Yuu on his birthday. Yuu grabs a popsicle and turns to walk towards the checkout counter.

Yuu has finished the popsicle, and the stick is still hanging from his mouth. Asahi has to clear his throat awkwardly before saying anything, although Yuu continues staring at the pavement.

Suddenly, Yuu snaps his head up to fix Asahi with an intense stare, tearing the popsicle stick from his mouth. That would be the worst! Anyways, good night Asahi! With that, Yuu steps onto the first step up to the door, turns back to Asahi and kisses him on the cheek. Then he leaps off the step and bounds down the street, waving energetically. Asahi stands in the light cast from the lamp above the door to his apartment, considering his life choices. His tongue darts out to the corner of his mouth that Yuu touched.

It tastes like soda flavouring. Yuu sends him a good morning text the next morning, and life goes on. They are apparently still fake dating. The problem is that he likes spending time with Yuu a little too much to be casually fake dating him. His own reasons for breaking up become feebler and feebler. The fourth date, Yuu has two black eyes from being hit it the face with a volleyball the day before.

Yuu claims he was distracted, which Asahi finds difficult to imagine. Over lunch, Asahi is regaled with the story of how it happened. Asahi is so horrified, all thoughts of breaking up leave his head.

He has a mild concussion. Even though Yuu is supposed to be taking it easy the next two weeks, they both go out with the team to the same udon place for another birthday.

Asahi offers to take Yuu home, as Tanaka has to work early the next morning. He stands on the sidewalk in the cold for a few moments, amazed at his own absent-mindedness, before sighing and continuing to his own apartment. I think he told me that in confidence. Just one of many facts Asahi has learned about Yuu over the last two and a half months. Has it really been two and a half months? Now shoeless, Asahi stumbles over to the chair in the corner and deposits Yuu on it.

He stretches his arms, which were seriously cramping at that point. He sighs, staring down at the still sleeping libero. Suga claps Asahi on the back, letting out a bark of a laugh. Noya can stay here. The apartment is a two bedroom it was all they could afford, even with the money their parents chipped in , and when they first moved in, they drew straws to see who would share and who would get their own room.

Asahi knows he is in for a scolding of some kind. Asahi tries to convey how dumb an idea that is with just his face. It seems to work, and Suga rolls his eyes. Something has to change. Either confess, or break it off.

This dance has gone on long enough. Now go to bed. Good night. When he gets out into the hall, he can hear the shower running, so he sneaks by and into his room. The beds are both empty of people, and his bed is also missing the duvet. He hurriedly gets changed into some fresh house clothes, worried that at any moment Suga or Yuu will come through the door and catch him with his pants down.

Nobody does, and Asahi makes his way into the kitchen, where he finds his duvet standing at the counter in front of the coffee pot. His duvet turns, to reveal Yuu, snuggled deep within it, his hair wet. Good morning.

Sorry you had to carry me all the way here. He had looked fairly sharp-eyed, well rested, although that may be a result of the shower he probably had, judging by his wet hair. Asahi had forgotten how cute Yuu looks with his hair down. You were unconscious most of the night last night… Is it because of the concussion?

Yuu pours coffee into three mugs, and hands one to Asahi. Before Asahi can take it, the mug is retracted. Suga has quite a collection. Just make sure you give him the frog mug.

Asahi winces. And yet, Yuu claims he has never had a cavity ever in his life. Yuu could hardly put his dirty clothes from yesterday on after his shower. If you were so tired? He has to distract himself somehow. Not the rest of his team? He came out for Asahi, specifically?? That is definitely not something one says to a fake boyfriend!! What is Asahi supposed to think?

It is near the end of November that Asahi develops an exit strategy. Like living in a box. It would be torture for anyone, but especially someone like Yuu. Is that something one does when expecting their fake boyfriend for a visit? There is nowhere to sit but the bed, so they sit cross-legged across from each other and play old board games Yuu had stuffed under his bed.

Yuu is talking about the team, when the topic of the captain comes up again. Who… Yuu has quite a lot of praise for.

So he asks. Maybe Yuu will even suggest breaking up. No, that does not sound very nice. November passes with no progress made. Asahi keeps trying to bring up Izuki in conversation, but Yuu is probably getting suspicious. They still text every day, and Asahi begins to reconsider his plan.

Until Yuu asks for another date, after his exams are over, to celebrate. Why are they still going on dates? Yuu could at least say he just wanted to hang out, but no.

He calls it a date. Asahi agrees to the date. He has accepted his fate as a weak-willed person, especially when it comes to Yuu. He has requested that Yuu text him when he gets safely back to his dorm. Also, I made it back to my dorm room alright.

Thank you for worrying. Yuu sounds elated and jubilant, and the prospect of seeing his radiant smile makes Asahi excited to see Yuu in two days. The day of their date, Yuu calls him in the morning. Asahi suggests that he could come over, but surprisingly, Yuu insists that he should probably be resting. Sick people need to be cared for.

What if he needs food or drink? Asahi resolves to pick up some food and go over, for a short visit. And no one else had recognized him so far, even the waitress who gushed over his hair both times he was here before. What brings you here? He should be resting. Izuki looks surprised. You two are still dating, right? You know, he really admires you. He sees the man behind the counter packaging up what must be his food, and is about to breathe a sigh of relief when he hears yet another familiar voice.

Asahi hastily explains his presence in the udon shop to Daichi and the hungry eyes of Oikawa Tooru and Kuroo Tetsurou peering over his shoulder.

Daichi returns to the rest of his team to order, and Oikawa is dragged away by his burly gruff companion. Kuroo remains, apparently friendly enough with Izuki to start up a conversation. Asahi makes another foolish decision.

Kuroo just turns to him with his eyebrows raised. And Nishinoya will be there? See ya round. Too concerned with the food getting cold, Asahi bustles past the retreating Kuroo, not even bothering to interpret his remark. Izuki follows him out after making a few choice gestures at Kuroo.

And tissues. He could have, probably should have, mentioned that Izuki is coming too. Yuu is wrapped haphazardly in a blanket, a medical mask over his nose and mouth, and his hair somewhere in between styled and unstyled, some up, some down. Yuu saves Asahi from an awkward fate, waving his hand at them. Come in. Asahi shrugs, trying to escape from any blame laid upon him. Asahi quickly volunteers to take the food down to the common room to warm it up in the microwave, leaving Yuu and Izuki to wait for him in the dorm room.

Asahi knows he should feel better about this. Everything is going according to plan. But seeing Yuu enjoying himself with the charming and confident Izuki Seijuurou just makes Asahi feel inadequate. He and Izuki stay a little longer, to keep Yuu company, and the board games are brought out again.

Izuki and Yuu sit beside each other across the board from Asahi. Soon Yuu is swaying in his spot, clearly sleepy but trying not to fall against Izuki. Izuki lets Yuu rest there for a few minutes before looking down at him. The entire fucking volleyball circuit knows, and you live with Sawamura, right?

So you know. Push him off onto me? I just. So much. Why did he do that! He adores you. No offence. Asahi stays silent, trying to process what was just said. Asahi looks up at Izuki and nods silently. He leaves the dorm room quietly, and the door clicks shut behind him. Yuu stays asleep, giving Asahi plenty of time to explain away everything Izuki said. Yeah, Yuu probably talks about him sometimes, but only because he respects him, for his skill as a fellow volleyball player.

At the same time, something else Izuki said rings true for Asahi. Sure, he can be brash and not think things through sometimes. But like Suga said, Yuu would let him out of the relationship if Asahi made it clear that he is truly uncomfortable. Something both Suga and Izuki advised him to do is tell Yuu how he feels. Maybe he should do it. Asahi knows Yuu. And at this point, Yuu probably has a right to know.

After three and a half months of fake dating, Yuu deserves to know. It would be a weight off his chest. And Asahi could then explain why he was acting so strangely! But, as Daichi has apparently been telling the entire college volleyball circuit, Asahi can be a wuss. Asahi is struck by the urge to kiss Yuu on the cheek before he leaves, but valiantly resists, and hastily leaves with a wave instead. Last year, they went out to three different clubs, but mostly everyone agreed that it was too much, so this year it is a simple house party.

Asahi only believes it when Daichi backs Oikawa up. Oikawa and Kuroo were apparently some of the few who thought clubbing was still a viable option. Asahi is not surprised. Something is wrong between Asahi and Yuu.

Looking back, Asahi realizes Yuu had been smiling less lately. Looking more concerned, even suspicious of Asahi at times. Which he had every reason to be, Asahi reflects. After the visit with Izuki when Yuu was sick, Yuu texts him less and less, sometimes even missing the good morning and good night texts. Asahi arrives with Suga and Daichi to the house. It is much larger than he is expecting, but Suga and Daichi seem unphased.

Being the men of the party, he and Daichi are greeted by every person that passes them by, even people neither of them seem to know. As soon as Oikawa spots them, he sweeps over to greet them, trailed by some sort of entourage consisting of other setters. He is handed two pointy party hats by a short boy with watchful golden eyes and badly dyed roots. Now everyone will know who the birthday boys are! Two hours later, Asahi is sitting on a sofa with a drink in his hand, exhausted from socializing.

Asahi had even seen Izuki, but luckily ducked out of the room before he was spotted. Taking a quick sip of his drink, Asahi draws out his phone, partly to appear unavailable for conversation, partly to check to see if Yuu had texted him. No new messages. Asahi nearly jumps clear off the sofa at the sudden voice behind him.

He whirls around to find Tanaka Saeko laughing at him. She reaches up to push her sunglasses off her face and up into her hair, and her eyes are scrunched up with laughter. You like Yuu-chan, right? I mean, you wish you were dating for real. He might as well be honest. Trust me. Now, I need to go find Taketora-kun. Good luck! Asahi has no idea where Yuu is of course. It is almost eleven when Asahi finally catches sight of him.

Just as Asahi is about to walk over to him, he is suddenly flanked by Izuki and Kuroo. Happy Birthday! When Yuu arrives in front of them, Asahi tunes back in. Asahi watches him go, trying to put off meeting the stare of a strangely silent Yuu. Finally, he is forced to meet his fierce stare. I need to talk to you. You and Seijuurou-senpai have been getting friendly. I was trying to get you to be interested in him! Oh, of course. Of course. You asked every other day to break up, but I just always shut you down.

I… I like you. I loved spending time with you, and texting you all the time, and getting to hold hands and kiss you and give you presents.

Consider us officially broken up. Happy New Year. Happy Birthday. When he finally gathers his wits, he realizes why everyone was telling him to confess.

They knew. Of course Suga knew, and Daichi too probably. Izuki knew, and Saeko. Hell, even Oikawa Tooru knew, if what Yahaba said was true. Nobody has seen Yuu apparently, as Asahi rushes around asking. Half of the people he asks are too drunk anyways. Log in Sign Up. Dancing, Coffee, and Volleyball What of it? Finding something good without looking for it. Medic Haikyuu Various x fem!

Reader x A bit of Demon Slayer various "I may always been smil Sweetner by gravity hurts 10 3. Something Different Haikyuu Vari She is a volleyball prodigy known as: 'Aphrodite' and 'The Goddes of Volleyball'. She is also known in the Various x Female Germaph You're a Germaphobe in high school, you find everything and everyone disgusting. You only became a manager for Karasuno because your new friend, Kiyoko asked you to.

Haikyuu various x reader by Emina 80 2 2. She from our world just trying to survive in the world of simps and volleyball.

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