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I want to show you how to hook up a New Holland bush hug to the buwh of your John Deere compact tractor. These gay dating adam for adam links are go here raises your bsuh up and down. Then your stabilizers keep your links from flying into your tire, or your implement from swaying from side to side. What I usually do is I hook up my lower links first. I raise the implement to almost level, and then I hook up my PTO shaft to the drive on the tractor. I could probably push on the back of the implement a little bit. What I like to do is raise it to where it is almost level.

Garden Guides | How to Connect a Bush Hog to a Tractor


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Regardless of what kind of land you have to maintain, a lot of the time there is ground that is article source in bushes, weeds, or tall grass. A tractor mounted rotary cutter is the implement necessary for keeping overgrowth under control. A rotary cutter, also called a bush hog or brush hogis made to cut through rough plant material, everything from thick grass, rugged weeds, to small tree saplings. When using a rotary cutteralways make certain that the blades are sharpened and balanced. Blades can be removed to be sharpened, however, that is a task best left for your local dealer.

Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! Be careful when working close to an engaged PTO shaft and an engaged bush-hog rotary cutter. Always wear safety glasses when cutting with a bush-hog rotary cutter. The Bush-Hog Rotary Cutter connects to the rear of a tractor. Click here Bush Hog is designed to cut low grass, high grass, thick grass and other vegetation that is too hard for a regular lawn mower to handle. The rotary cutter is turned by the power take-off shaft of the tractor. The driveshaft then turns the gear box on top of the Bush-Hog, which turns the rotary cutting blade underneath the Bush-Hog.

To hook up the rotary cutter , take these steps from John Deere featuring a R 25 hp compact utility tractor…. Once your rotary cutter is connected, get back onto the tractor and start up the engine. Raise the cutter off the ground and safely engage the PTO shaft of the tractor. To hook up the rotary cutter , take these steps from John Deere featuring a R 25 hp compact utility tractor… Back the tractor up to the attachment. Make sure that the three point hitch arms on the rear of the tractor match up to the position of the three point rod connectors of the rotary cutter.

Lock the three point hitch up and down lever into the position control section of the lever bracket. Once that is locked into place, put the tractor into first gear and shut off the engine. Placing wheel chocks in both the front and the back of the rear wheels is a sensible safety precaution while attaching the implement. Next, slide the left three point hitch arm on the tractor onto the left hitch pin of the cutter. Secure the two by inserting a retaining pin into the hole located at the top of the hitch pin.

Once the left side is fastened, do the same with connecting the right three point hitch arm to the right hitch pin of the rotary cutter. Then repeat one more time for the center arm and hitch pin. Once all three arms and hitches are securely connected, hook the end of the rotary cutter drive shaft to the power take off, or PTO, of the tractor. You can achieve this by matching up the female splines of the drive shaft to the male splines of the PTO shaft.

Pull the lock collar back as you push the female and male splines together. Move the drive shaft onto the power take off until the collar locks onto the PTO shaft. To be certain the shafts are tightly connected, try to move the drive shaft back and forth.

Adjust the angle of the cutting deck by using the center three point hitch turnbuckle, making sure the front is lower than the back, as mentioned earlier. To adjust the side to side level of the deck, use the right three point hitch turnbuckle. Now we can hook up the top link. The top link is fairly simple. Put your hitch pin in. Now adjust it so the holes line up. You can use the drift pin for this. You thread this or out depending on which way you got to go to line up the pin.

Now we can adjust this to where we need it. All the chains do is keep this from spinning, its free spinning right now and it will always be free, but this will keep it from spinning. What we want is the front of this brush hog a little bit lower than the back. Just a little bit, maybe an inch or two. This keeps the grass from getting clogged up in there when it shoots it out the back. On the bottom links, the right one is usually adjustable. But you can tell that this one is adjustable.

Now that we have it leveled where we want it, go to where your levers are, and if you notice, there is the control to raise the lower link and your implement up and down.

What I want to do is loosen the stop and bring it up to where it just touches a lever. So now if I raise my implement up, and I bring it back down and hit my stop here and the implement goes right back to where it was. The first thing we want to do once you get to the area where you want to cut is put your bush hog down.

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