Hooking up movie rating

Hooking up movie rating

After he receives a new cancer diagnosis and she is fired from her job as a sex columnist, Bailey and Darla gating a road trip that forces them to get intimate with their issues, as well as ea Read all After he receives a new cancer diagnosis and she is fired from her job as a sex columnist, Bailey and Darla take a road trip that forces them to get intimate with their issues, as well as each other. After he receives a new cancer diagnosis and she is fired from anna akana job as a sex columnist, Bailey and Darla take a road trip that forces them to get intimate with their issues, ratinf well as each other. Bailey : Look's like you just bought that on Craig's List. Darla : I did! Bailey : U; a while ago.

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Sign In. Hooking Up mpvie Hide Spoilers. Charming, sweet, cute, mature little rom com. Sure it follows the typical formula but Brittany Snow and Sam Richardson elevate this movie from something that could've very easily been forgettable to a level of charm that'll certainly warm your heart. It doesn't fall victim to the usual contrivances or un-deserved endings you'd expect of the genre.

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It's now on my list of favorite romantic comedies. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I ended up enjoying this movie. It felt a little disjointed and clunky at the beginning, but overall, it's a really powerful, relevant story. I can't tell if it's the storyline or the directing that are the problem, but the performances of the two leads are great and the concept of sex addiction is really relevant and powerful.

My husband and I both enjoyed this movie! It had highs and lows, but they did a good job of balancing it out. It was cute and funny. The casting was out of the box which made the ending less predictable. I love the humanness of the story and the desire of the characters to change, grow, and become better people.

This was a heartfelt story told in a cute, entertaining way. Worth watching and reflecting on. I love the brutal honesty about addiction, support groups, and recovery. Don't see enough honesty about this stuff in movies, but when it's shown, I believe it can create a pathway for lost people to find hope and healing from what culture so often condones and promotes as happiness and fulfillment.

I greatly appreciated that aspect of it. Great job to everyone who worked on this film. I enjoyed it. It's pretty straightforward, has some great bits, and takes the A Lot Like Love approach to the romcom.

The title more than indicates that. The true value is the two leads. They carry the load well. Sam Richardson is an absolute joy to watch no matter the project so if the only thing you take from this movie is "I gotta watch more of this guy" then it's a success. He's hilarious, so even in this movie where it could be a by-the-book rom-com road trip movie, he's elevating the script.

Brittany Snow is far more well-known at this point because of the Pitch Perfect series, but she's a little against type here, in my opinion. The movie starts playing Sam's character as a more redeemable guy with a few flaws, and Brittany's characters as an irredeemable girl with a few likeable traits and moves toward the center a bit with both.

She probably has the most character development in the movie and she does a great job pulling it off. As I said, it won't blow you away with originality, but it's got some humor, the two leads work well together, and of course has the lesson at the end. I'd watch it again with some friends no question. PS - The racist posts about interracial relationships are pretty obviously stuck in the early 90s. Update your complaints, kids.

When I heard about this movie, I had mixed feelings. I love Brittany Snow, but I don't usually like movies that are all about casual sex. I also didn't want to see Brittany degrade herself. However, I finally got around to watching it, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, and I didn't walk away thinking one of my favorite actors sold herself out for money.

Honestly, I wish I hadn't dragged my feet on this one. It is also probably more like a 7 or an 8. After a chance meeting, a cynical sex columnist and a hopeless romantic his reevaluating his life after a medical diagnosis, end up on a cross country road trip.

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Fox , Shaun J. Brown , Alexis G. Rate this video. Sorted by: Top reviews Top reviews Most recent. Jmaster Reviewed in the United States on March 30, I thought this movie would mostly be of the comedy genre based solely on what I saw from the trailer. However, it's actually a deeper movie than I initially realized. As the trailer advertised, a man Bailey meets a woman Darla , and it is here that we find out that they're both suffering with issues.

Cancer for the second time for Bailey, and sexual addiction for Darla. The trailer at this point will have you believe that the rest of the movie is pure comedy -- except it's not, and that is ok as explained below. On the other hand, Darla ultimately wants to write a story about a sexual journey with a man that has cancer Bailey -- and a bonus if it helps her in therapy, but this is secondary to the first reason. However, soon after the two start "hooking up" see what I did there?

Bailey seems to be developing feelings for Darla, and the audience starts to slowly see that Darla doesn't really like herself and her addiction towards sex. As teen films go, it doesn't get much better. Yeah, the acting may not be perfect, but it's very believable and you'll find yourself woven into the story, feeling it. It's unique or near unique in the approach. This isn't a happy ending teen romantic comedy.

It's comedy, it has romance, and of course nudity because it's intended for young males mostly, but this is a film that girls must see. There's enough male flesh that teen girls don't have to be concerned about suffering though just the typical teen guys with lots of hot naked chicks film.

It's also an excellent story for guys without sisters. It brings reality and perspective into teen relationships while still being funny and sexy and having a good enough soundtrack to not feel like it's another film directed to sell you old music. Im not a perverted pig by any means at all but this movie is so full of sexual content you would think there would be a little more nudity, but no.

I was so bored with this movie that i actually fast forwarded to any parts that may have had nudity in them. Granted these teens were portrayed as under the age of 18 the funny thing is they show the actress that is portraying the youngest teen in the movie.

This movie flat out sucks harder than the chick who give BJs through it, at least she was hot, the only good part about this movie.

Corey Feldman is, was, and always will be a douche for making this movie, even though he was one before. Just saw a screening of this movie and I found it enjoyable over all. The aptly titled Hooking Up is a humorous look at a lot of teenage social trends that have started to get a little attention lately — casual oral sex which is viewed as a way to preserve virginity, friends with benefits, the lengths girls will go to get popular, unhealthy, obsessive relationships, etc.

It then also goes on to highlight a series of sexual "urban legends" or perhaps "suburban legends" given the setting which are found on the internet — a gloryhole, rainbow parties, and the one you'll be talking with your friends about something called "seagulling" — creating an interesting mix of the realistic and the absurd. The stars are mostly young unknowns who all managed to do well. Parker Croft who plays John Johnson definitely stood out to me, delivering an energetic, poised, and hysterical performance, and definitely got the most laughs.

Keep your eyes open for this guy, he's going places. Of the veteran actors, Bronson Pinchot's cameo role of Mr. Kimbal, a chemistry teacher who is constantly dodging one student's ravenous attempts to sleep with him, was hysterical. And Corey Feldman was cast well as the consummate asshole Ryan, an older guy that preys on insecure high school girls. If I had complaints they would be that it was a little too sprawling and not focused on any particular character long enough.

It revolves around 7 characters sort of drifts in between story lines, but they did a decent job of tying everything together. It doesn't have the look of a polished Hollywood movie, but I think it works well for what it is. Especially once I heard about how it was made — by a few friends who pooled all their money together after graduating from college. I definitely respect the "do it yourself" approach they took.

There were some really hilarious moments throughout this dialogue heavy film a lot of which reminded me of early Kevin Smith lines. I don't think it's winning any awards, but it's entertaining, good for some laughs, and will definitely spur some interesting conversations amongst friends. Definitely worth a rent.

JacobHester 30 April I came across this film while browsing for some American my country of origin movies in downtown Tokyo. It purports to be part of the American Pie series, but you can tell it was not created with that intent. It's clear it wasn't made for a big budget, but the dialogue is sharp and fast and John Parker Croft in particular does a good job with the comic timing.

The opening track scene drew me in and left me wanting more. The girls were serviceable, but I found myself more interested in the conversations between the guys. I was also somewhat taken out of the film when Corey Feldman was on screen. Maybe it's because he's a "face" or because he's never been a super-strong actor, I don't know.

Bronson "Balky" Pinchot, on the other hand, was terrific. You could tell the old guy was having some real fun working with a young cast. His character wreaked awkwardness in the best kind of way.

I only wish he had a meatier role. I could watch a film based around that character and his foibles. The film was a bit sprawling, but the dialogue and situational comedy kept my attention. I didn't expect much more than an American Pie ripoff, but what I got was more like the teenage version of "Clerks," which was appropriate given the presence of Brian "Dante" O'Halloran.

I don't know if the film is out stateside yet I checked Amazon and didn't see it , but when it does come out it's certainly worth a watch or two. There are some very memorable scenes, to say the least. I mean, who hasn't wondered about a girl born with two vaginas? I have to admit this movie was good with the three main guys tyler, and I cannot remember the others. The intro is funny, especially the two vagina joke.

The library scenes are also super funny. However, not to sound like a misogynist, but the parts with the girls weren't funny. Actually they were terrible. I know stuff like that happens, like an abusive boyfriend or becoming a slut, happens to girls but dear God.

They were a buzz kill to the comedy. And I thought that during the time the Caroline the blonde girl gets hit and then gets cheated on would have some comedic relief, but none was deliver. I would honestly skip the last part of the movie and just go to the credits. Gesborn27 10 January This movie is a brilliant combination of hilarity and drama.

It is a story of a group of friends and their sexual woes. The side story shows the hardships of abusive relationships. Corey Feldman and Parker Croft give two of the most compelling and riveting performances to date. The sexual scenes of the movie are tastefully done. The nudity is not over the line and allows for some mystery.

However there are two major flaws. Firstly there is more plot in porn than in this movie, and secondly the budget for this movie was probably the amount of money it took to pay Corey Feldman. The soundtrack is weak as it is one guitar riff that plays over and over again. I am fairly certain the crew walked around a neighborhood to break into houses they could film in. Overall the movie is a glorified home movie, but it is so bad that it is fun to watch.

This movie ranks among the all time worst that I have ever seen and that includes the movie "Bullet" which I previously had as the worst. The jokes were lame and juvenile, the acting poor, the plot nonexistent. There was no character growth or development, even for a misfit comedy. It's kind of like the movie started one way and then ended the same way. Don't waste your time. Usually movies with substance this weak will at least have some laughable moments. There were none. It's amazing what gets funded and produced.

I wish I'd read the reviews prior to me watching on Netflix. Shame on me! Should be a zero out of The other reviews are correct this maybe the worst movie EVER. I mean lets forget about the weak writing and plot, that could have been made up for. But the acting. I honestly thought I ran into someone's high school film project, and not a GOOD high school film project at that.

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