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Most guys flip and flop all gett the place, never learning how to get laid on Tinder. But, for those guys who know how to get laid on Tinder? Oh, my God. Think about it… to meet girls on the street would take you probably about 10 hours of non-stop approaching. This has been scientifically tested by meby split-testing over 32 profiles, openers, and 29, swipes.

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Online Dating. December 12, By Sal Romeo. Probably you want to learn how to get a girl to go on a date with you. In fact, you should be getting those results consistently.

Tinder Chicago: How to Get Lucky on Dating Apps in Chicago


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I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Click here to get them. In case you want others to like you more tinddr Tinder, then read on for my 10 best tips! Tinder matches you with ladies who have a similar ELO rating.

I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. Tinddr work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Click here to get them.

I compiled a list of the best male enhancement supplements a while ago, so I urge you to give that a read. When I bought your eBook I was depressed, lazy, unmotivated, and had absolutely no vision in life.

I remember I had no reason to live, and I spent all day just fucking around numbing myself. All I can say is wow. I feel incredible, and I even have a stunning girlfriend that I absolutely love. Thank you. Anyways man, I hope you enjoyed the article. They know how to make a girl laugh, come off as confident, and most importantly, screen a woman HARD.

Getting laid isn't that difficult. The trick is in doing the numbers, and finding the women who are down. If you're good looking, it will be a lot easier, but here's a few tips. First off, don't take selfies. Instead, go for the "natural fitness picture" illustrated in this article.

Second, screen a woman using some of the openers I give. If you know what to say and how to design your profile and tinder bio the right way, it's actually pretty easy. Put in your bio what you're looking for, that way you filter out the girls who are looking for more something more serious. Just read the post. Think of the most alpha people that have personal public image advisors. You need to strictly reduce your neuroticism.

You need to change your role models to those which are lower in neuroticism. As said, change your role-models that influence what you write on your posts. If I put pictures of my non-muscular body on there, will they even care? Stop being a fucking bitch and just get jacked. Jesus Christ dude, you sound like a simp. Go to the gym, improve yourself, and live a fucking kickass life. Which alternatives do you recommend to Tinder? Yo man, is there any way I can show you my tinder profile so that you could rate it and give me some pointers for this strat?

Nice article. Could spot a PUA within a hundred mile radius. High Social Value. But you made it High Sexual Market Value. Good article. I enjoyed the read. Gladly no Ross Jefferies, style either. That dude gives me straight up chills. Exactly, man. And yeah — a lot of the NLP dudes are slimy as fuck. Anything that sparks intrigue is good. After dropping out of college to pursue my dreams, I started this blog as a way to help other men do the same.

It contains 7 actionable steps you can start implementing right now, to start becoming more attractive to women today. Which should I focus on?!

Founded in ,. There is a mechanism in your brain that is not evolved enough to deal with our times. What mechanism is that? Recently I got a question from our friend Jay asking for advice on how to talk to girls. Share on Facebook. Share on LinkedIn. Share on twitter. Share on Reddit. Table of Contents hide. How to Get Laid on Tinder. Step 1. Optimize For Money. Optimize For Status.

Have A Good Tinder Bio. My Tinder Profile Example. Step 2. Tinder Plus vs. Tinder Gold. Step 3. Step 4. Get Her Number Tinder Number vs. Snapchat Close: Which is Better? Step 5. How to Get Dates From Tinder. Best Tinder Date Ideas. Improving Retention Rate. Want A Full Tinder Guide? Frequently Asked Questions. Do You Get Straight to the Point? Share this with your Friend:. Leave your comment. Notify of. Newest Oldest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Why should you follow 3 precise steps to get laid on Tinder?

Every process in life has its own stages. Seduction, just like refining oil to get plastic or gasoline. If you want to get a girl to sleep with you as fast as possible, you should use a specific process in seduction. This method will serve to get you laid without going on a date with the girl and is the go-to if you can't hold yourself anymore.

Teasing the girl is the first thing to do to ensure you a one night stand. That's because girls are emotional creatures and need to feel emotions to be attracted to a man.

To tease a girl over text, you can do many things like:. Those are just some of the things you can apply to provoke in her the feeling of being provoked. If you do this correctly, her attraction towards you will rise high enough to make you move to the next step: sexualizing the conversation. Relaxing is the best. Now that her emotions have been shaken after the tease, it's time to bring things to a new level.

That's when you need to sexualize the conversation so that you can cook her to a high enough temperature to make her want you as soon as possible. How can you sexualize the conversation effectively? In that case, by using the topic narrative entry method.

This is the best way to get a girl to think about sex while also building complicity. The technique consists of giving a character to the girl and you so that the two's interplay makes her excited about the idea of you living together.

Then I let her play with my ideas until she began expressing her intimate thoughts as well. The narrative close is nothing but a natural progression from the previous conversation to the date.

While the tension is high, move the conversation to something more concrete than the airy idea of two characters playing together. Look at the example below. Hint to the possibility of you meeting up with her and also add a hint to the idea that life is short. That will ensure you enough probabilities to make her willing to meet you in a few hours. Since, in that case, you want to have a one-night stand, make sure not to make her arousal energy go away.

Don't give her time to think about risks or consequences. Be fast like a jaguar in your attack, and you'll be fine. Your phone will ring with notifications from hot girls every 30 minutes. That will get the girl from Tinder to date, then move her from the date to your place. First of all, start with the tease, just as in the direct method approach. That will be necessary anyway to make you be perceived as an edgy man and give girls the emotions they need.

Instead of sexualizing the conversation like in the direct method , connect with the girl this time. To connect with the girl effectively, you can talk about one or all of the following topics:. Sometimes the indirect method works best. Once you get on the date, tease her back. This will make new emotions spark in the girl and get her to become more polarised towards you.

That will solidify your relationship and make her feel more comfortable about sleeping with you. Women are emotional creatures, and they need to feel connected to a man before submitting granting to a man. When the connection is strong, you can move on to the sexualization phase, this time brought out in person. You can sexualize the conversation by simply touching her kino in the right spots or using narrative entry like in the direct approach case. Ideally, you should kiss the girl in that phase and touch her in the most sensitive areas of her body.

That will prepare her to have sex with you. If she wants to go to her place, she will decide for you so no worries about it. Apologizing is one of the worst things that you can do if you want to get a girl's attention on Tinder. Not only that's a low status signal but it also implies that you're not sure of what you want. Do you think an alpha male needs a girl's validation to get laid or not?

Nope it doesn't. That's why you must be unapologetically bold and make her understand that she will either get you or lose you. When you have nothing to lose and you take responsibility for your words and actions, that's when girls will be the most attracted to you. You have to realize that girls are ht up by dozens of guys every day and that they are biologically the ones who must choose if to open themselves for a mating session or not.

When you are too common, you won't exert as much influence over her as you should. That's why being mysterious from the beginning will raise your perceived social value. Girls can be very egocentric sometimes, and it's the job of a man to make her feel comfortable in her own skin.

Unfortunately this doesn't happen very often, so men start playing the female role talking endlessly about themselves instead of trying to understand who they have in front of them. Biologically speaking, girls are attract to non-needy men. It might sound strange to you to get such results. However when you know how a girl's mind works there are no restrictions anymore. After many trial and errors, I had understood what worked to get laid on Tinder and what didn't. As soon as I started structuring my conversation in a bold, authentic and confident way, girls couldn't resist my charm.

The first week I slept with 3 girls, and on the second one with 4. That was my record that I still didn't beat 4 years later. You can control 2 of those 3 variables. This means that the better you become as a texter and the better results you'll get. Moreover if you live in a city where there are open minded girls, getting laid on Tinder will be easier.

I will make you laugh without saying a word. If I lose, I will show you my worst selfie. If you lose Swipe right if you like to laugh. If you just want to have authentic fun, swipe right. Being unapologetically confident and clear about what you want will already get you halfway there. Don't do this as you'll lose social value since a true alpha man never copies another one. If I want, I can get laid on Tinder at least times a week when I'm in an open minded city.

On a regular one, times per week are the average. What's important is that you don't get discouraged and you keep persisting on your goal until you smash it. In the end, following the strategy I just described to you, I improved my results with girls exponentially.

I managed to go from 2 one night stands a year through Tinder to get more than once a week. That helped me during those hard times in the new city. You can also get the same results by following those steps.

The only thing preventing you from reaching success might be the culture influencing your country and the city where you live. However, trying is the only way to find it out. Bonus Tip! Bring her Everywhere and she'll do everything to you. One way to maximize your chances of getting laid the same day, you can use this powerful technique. It basically consists of bringing the girl into various venues usually so that she has a broader memory of the date.

For example, at first, you might bring her for a coffee at the bar. If you vibe out well, you can go for a ride with your car and then take another drink in another venue. Then you might bring her to a panorama place with a beautiful view and then to your place.

Make sure to choose activities that you both like, otherwise one of you will get bored. Wizard Takeaway. If you warm up girls well enough, you can get them to sleep with you even the same day, given the right circumstances. If not on your social media at least with ONE friend of your best friends that absolutely needs to read it. Integral Relationships Consultant for Ambitious Men.

Sal Romeo. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Share 0. Tweet 0. Are you looking to get laid on Tinder? Probably you want to learn how to get a girl to go on a date with you And from the date have a crazy night at her place.

Difficulty: Easy. Typical Scenario. When I Never Got Laid on Tinder Whenever I needed to empty the pipeline, that's what happened to me, and I didn't have a friend with benefits to help me out.

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