How to hook up kickdown cable to edelbrock carb

How to hook up kickdown cable to edelbrock carb

With this purchase, you have remedied the age-old problem of chasing the correct throttle cablw linkages, pivots, and cab,e from salvage yards or poor imitations of original parts. This kit will work on most all Chrysler rear wheel drive vehicles with a Torqueflite transmission from with just about any carburetor s combination. The installation instructions on the this web page pages will address most all situations as clearly as possible. The installation requires minimal mechanical experience and basic hand tools. Please read the instructions carefully, compare each step with diagrams, and if you do not understand, go back and read it again.

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Technical - Ford kickdown on a Edelbrock carb | The H.A.M.B.


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Edelbrock part or Carter part usually provided when carburetor purchased must be used. Not included in this kit see Figure 3A. Install O. Install Adapter furnished in kit. Install Completed see Figure D6. You can use an O. Installation Step 1. Clamp O. With small hammer, carefully drive stud in O. Step 3. Throttle cable bracket, locate O.

Push stud back into O. Mount accelerator cable bracket at rear of carburetor base, As BPE Instructions Indicate Make sure the bolt or stud used is long enough to accommodate increased bracket thickness. Lever will only install properly 1 way. Tighten pinch bolt on lever. Check movement of lever from front to rear. Check, at this time, lever movement throughout travel and make sure it does not bind and returns back forward when released. Some aftermarket cable shift, shifters utilize this hole also.

At this time, check floor clearance on installed bracket. Some early A-bodys require slight dimple of floor pan for proper clearance. Transmission Cable End Installation Step 1. Using cable ties at various points makes installation permanent. Route CABLE onto top of main transmission case, by looping towards passenger side and following centerline of transmission case. END accessible from top of engine.

Carburetor Cable End Installation Step 1. The button is located opposite the round protruded end, identified with 2 arrows. The spring button is very hard to overcome but adjusts easily when pressed firmly. Note: cable will snap into bracket two ways due to locating ribs.

Some O. Make sure choke is wide open and fast idle cam is released to hot idle position. Pull back on O. Test accelerator opening of carburetor from inside and have someone outside inspecting operation of carburetor opening and closing, from idle stop to wide open throttle. Manually open carburetor throttle lever and examine throttle valve lever.

Modifications to some O. Both accelerator cable and throttle pressure cable work best when both cables are straight, parallel, and mounted on top of each other. Some applications such as pre O. Chrysler cruise control works very well with this kit. Just reinstall O. Reinstall cruise cable and adjust. All bolts, nuts, studs, and brackets secure and tight?

Carburetor opens and closes without any binding? At idle, throttle valve lever is forward? Carburetor opens and closes smoothly from inside and outside vehicle? Throttle valve lever on transmission is all the way back during wide open throttle? Cable is routed to clear exhaust and rotating components?

Throttle valve lever at transmission has full travel of motion, viewing from under vehicle while carburetor is opened and closed? If kit was originally installed on an O. JeffB2 , Oct 25, I have a Holley tuned for the but had to put the AFB on due to the front port for the pcv,I am using a 84 mustang dual snorkel air cleaner and then added the mustang aluminum valve covers which required moving the pcv from the rear of the motor on the pass side to the front on the drivers side and the long hose changed the tuning of the carb.

I need a carb spacer with a pcv port so I can put the holley back on the ,as for the EB on the that needs a Ford kick down I am not sure what I will do.

That carb got water in it when the motor was stored after coming out of the donor truck and can not get it to idle smooth again so it might get replaced with a new Holley,the EB seems to be a little too wide and had to do some modifications to the throttle linkage so a holley might be the best way to go or see if Lokar has a cable system that might work with the EB.

Joined: Sep 3, Posts: 29, Profile Page. Jalopy Joker , Oct 30, I think the water done some damage so if I have to replace then I will go with a Holley since I have plenty of jets to tune with and nothing for a EB,I had the Holley for the on the while I was working on the EB and it seemed like the linkage was easier to make work since it was a little narrower then a EB. Last edited: Oct 31, JeffB2 , Oct 31, Joined: Apr 9, Posts: 2, Profile Page.

All you need is what Squirrel posted. Merlin , Oct 31, I will get that part if I do not replace the carb,it had gotten some water in it and cleaning and going through it did not help. The trip to one local junkyard did not turn up a kick down rod but after I got home I did some research and might need two other parts to make it all work when I do come up with a kick down rod,along with the throttle lever adapter I am definately going to need the bracket that moves the throttle cable bracket over and up on the intake since I am having issues with that right now and possibly a linkage extension if the kick down rod wont reach.

Those parts will be I know I just got that C-6 shifting good but a 4 speed would be much better. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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