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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Hello sir, Please call our customer service so we assist you further. Link fall for these fantasy girls profiles, it's a hoax! I paid too much for this illusion. I regret being so naive! We had been chatting on Dream-Singles for a year with her I should say, I chatted not with her, but with her photos but she said she didn't know me. We started vream the very beginning on that site and we met for real, but that's a different story.

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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Dream Singles has a consumer rating of 4. Consumers satisfied click Dream Singles most frequently mention customer service, beautiful women and video chat. Dream Singles ranks 2nd among International Dating sites. This company not typically respond to reviews. Really enjoyed myself on the site. Any issues I encountered were quickly resolved by professional staff.

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After writing a girl for over a year never once did she directly respond to any question and every letter was the same meaning less reply with a video that cost and in the video was her either over many years or 5 different women.

Once I stopped accepting the videos she stopped replying. The kickers were in one video she claimed was Christmas in Poltava but was actually from Lugansk 5 years earlier along with summer videos with bombs going off in back ground.

Profile id discrepancies. She is a pharmacist on romancecompass. Turth is there is the same patern. You talk and talk, and the girls always talk about wanting to chat chat and chat, and so on. Truth is on an ordinary non russian website a girl who look a bit attractive get like letters pr.

If the girls get just 5 letters pr. Day, then it is litterly impossible forh er to remember corrospondance personaly if i talk to more than 5 people i cannot remember anymore but these girls sit online for houres every day and you get long letters. Just saying, why do the girl typical sit online all night in ukraine to chat with men from example usa. When do they sleep, when do they study and go to work, and how can they do this without sleep.

The same thing happen that you can never be alone with the girl without a translator. The address the girl give you pretty much never work, and her telephone number change every month and she never write down your address or phone so she can contact you Oh by the way, once you start telling the websites that the girl are on 8x websites and give them the direct link and ask them to verify her identity and if she actual write letter her self and so on.

Then you get standard answers, and even if you report a scam they give you some kind of reply and never investigate. But she all the time told me she was busy and could not and bla bla. To keep corrospondance going.

After many month i desided to find her social media profile and the ni could see that she had written she had become engaged, and even see her vacatin photos of her and her boyfriend. I made a copy of everything. I send her flowers in her city and she uploaded a photo of her and thel owers on the website saying she love her job and ignored my letter.

Later i see her return to dating websites as single and she where on like 5 websites. I inform all sites about her being engaged and married and i even send them photos of her in a wedding dress and other information. She was removed. Well i have the same story about other girls, who and some even tell me them self when i meet them on the street that the website is af fake and they just get a review of thecorrospondance before the date by the translator.

Then they spend 2 houres or maybe 4 with a man and are busy for the rest of his stay, and ofcourse continue corropsondance. Funny thing is if you find the girls instagram or other profile you often see what is written in her letters do not match her recent photos from her vacation.

Example she talk about being in anothercity, but on instagram you see her vacation photos in a luxurary resort that she cannot afford as a student. Truth is manyh of the girls work as escort girls or hang out in fancy clubs and get paid to date men. Many are gold diggers, and want everything paid. Ofcourse there are also good girls, but truth is I doubt the mode like girls are there for anything serious. Just there to get notised and paid for someone renting their photos and pretending to be them If you doubt my words have a look at youtube and you find vidoes about translators who tell how the scam works.

I recommend that you write your story Oh by the way i also tried to write the FBI and tell my storyabout anastasiadate and other such services, but never hear anything back Well all in all, sorry to say so but i highly dbout the model kind of girls are interested in a western man.

They can go to any club in example kiev and spend 10 minutes and meet a millionaire who drive a ferrari and trick him to buy her an appartment and be a secret lover. These girls dont need "you" they can get everything they need just outside their door. I have been on Dream Singles for over two years.

Like everything else in this world, there are bad people and good people. I do know one thing, I have found as many good ladies as bad ladies on this site.

Guys, don't fall for the sex talk and sexy underwear photos and if the lady you are chatting with does not answer your questions, "Block" her out and move on. Some of these ladies are in a dream fantasy world and don't have the mental capability to move forward.

Think about it, We men abroad are asking them to make a very big change in life, if you are serious about a Ukrainian wife, like I am. I found three ladies that I will meet soon and two are very serious. I have kept them at bay to get to know them, to see if they are good friends, first and see how they react to issues and conversations.

To also see if they only talk about themselves and their bodies and the underwear they wear and other silly things. When they do this, I just politely leave and and never return, Way too many ladies available to find the one. I also see if they are willing to meet in Cancun, Mexico.

Ukrainian citizens do not need a visa to visit Mexico. Getting a visa from the US Embassy in Kiev is a pain in the butt and they do not know how to get it fast, unless you get it for them.

Let them provide their airfare and you take care of hotel and food. But never talk marriage right away. I tell them I am a serious man for marriage but have to see if we are friends first, before I make a commitment. Good luck. Ukrainian woman are very serious and dont' take to kidding or talk that sounds insulting. Treat them with kid gloves and tenderness. More from sugar that vinegar. By all means call their customer service and get sent straight to voicemail.

These clowns are nothing more than thieves. I notice that they pose on sets - or several women on there have the exact same home design. That on its own smells like a setup. It's both. Just depends on the woman you are talking to. My best advice if they starr asking for money, look for someone else. There some good women on the site, there are some bad ones too, use good judgment. Do a google photo search and many will come up on instagram Dream singles marriage whatever the name is the women are paid to reply and meet Most Ukrainain women have a boyfriend or live with someone and dating sites are free money and dinners and whatever else you will not be invited to their home apartment or what ever get a taxi and go to the address.

They will arrive in a taxi which you foot the bill for or will magically appear in the street and not have come by bus Never let them take a taxi home by them selves go with them and drop them off it upsets the scam process. I had several meetings through them and I was in relationship with one lady. Dream single Was down for quite some time Unfortunately after many tries I contacted with DS and Nicole was kind enough to help out.

My experience with Dream Singles has been excellent! Great way to meet and get to know some amazing ladies! As with any site, technical problems can arise but I have found that the customer service staff responds quickly, with caring, courteous professionalism!

My last experience with Jeana was fantastic! Any company would be so lucky to have her as a valued member of their staff! I thank Dream Singles for a great experience in finding my lover. This site is for real if your looking for good quality people. This dating site consists of girls who only want to chat with the guys who have to pay huge sums to fulfill the dream of meeting the girl in the picture.

That dream will never be fulfilled because that is precisely the purpose of the site. Make money on single men who are willing to pay anything to make their dream come true. The girls want precious gifts but no dating will ever happen. This is a scam site that the owner does everything to hide.

Tip for consumers: Do not go on this scam as everything looks serious on Dream-Singles. Look I get it, guys this site seems too good to be true. I thought the same thing when I signed up, I read all the reviews and there are plenty of disgruntled people out there, but in my experience this has been nothing short of fantastic. I've met someone on here that I feel like I've been looking for my whole life. My advice is to treat these women with respect and you might be shocked at what you can find here too.

Thank you Dream Singles! Great time chatting to various beautiful woman, have met one special lady and thoroughly recommend it to you. Five stars. Dream Singles is a premiere site to find and chat or write to beautiful women.

The site is easy to navigate through and has great communication features. A site administrator Nicole helped me with an issue in minutes! I recommend Dream Single to find your dream girl. I did! After finding one woman that I wanted to communicate with I still had a lot of messages and chat requests. I talked with Nicole W at the office and she fixed my profile so no new women could message me.

Thanks Nicole. Been on here a little while and have found the site easy to use and the staff are always helpful with any problems, which fortunately have been very few. If you need advice Lana and the rest of the team are always keen to help. I have talked to the girls here a few times, to get help with some of features. The also helped me choose the right membership. Being not great with computers I find help incredible. Big thanks to Nicole!

Definitely 5 stars review great staff. Hello sir, Please call our customer service so we can assist you further. None of the female members of DreamMarriage. Save your money. They prey upon instant gratification. In lies the scam. The program or someone else talks for them.

Sure sometimes you can catch a girl on web cam, key word sometimes! That's to keep you thinking it must be real. Save your time and money! Do you really think beautiful intelligent ladies are staying up all night because they want to talk to men that are 25 years older and more in chat? Think about it logically. The website is a scam and the title Dream Marriage was picked for a reason because it is all just a dream. Hello sir, Please call our customer service so we can assist you.

Dream single is super fake! Don't waste your time fellas. Trust me. They will chit chat their asses off. Never meet up. Biggest scam for your dollars ever. Pure evil. They are Each and every woman on Dream-Marriage. At Dream Singles, we thrive on bringing couples together to find true love and happiness.

Since , we have provided a platform for singles to connect in over countries. Over the last 18 years, Dream Singles has created thousands of success stories.

Because our services promote the most genuine meetings, it enables our members to develop endearing and lasting relationships.

Share on Twitter. Dream Singles. Add a note optional - e. Write a Review Ask a Question. Overview Dream Singles has a consumer rating of 4. This company does not typically respond to reviews Positive reviews last 12 months : What reviewers want you to know Positive highlights Spoke with Nicole in customer service and she was extremely helpful.

Critical highlights So the question is will dream marriage suspend the agency and the profiles of the models it has hired?

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