January mercury retrograde 2022

During the times that Mercury is retrograde, people often notice more challenges with correspondence or communication as we interact with others. It can also show up in our relationship with our neighborhood, our siblings, and challenges with cars and local travel. Please note that this calendar here on a Monday. The last Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio occurred in October of This year it introduces the US retroggrade in November.

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No planet in the universe can turn retrograde. A retrograde planet is just the result of an optical illusion. All the planets turn around the Sun. Relative from our point of view on Earth, it appears sometimes that a planet will stop and go backwards called the retrograde motion, and then stop again and go forward called the direct motion. During a retrograde period, it is not a good idea to push forward any practical venture.



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Luckily, your favorite village-witch-in-training has compiled all the details you need on what to expect and when! Bookmark and beware. Because of the sheer amount of retrograde activity inwe have the absolute pleasure eye roll of beginning and ending with unstable communication and technological mishaps. Anticipate difficulties with transportation missing the bus, trains breaking down, etc. Instead of obsessing about how much add number to block list suck, retrogeade it as an opportunity to explore your inner world instead of relying on socialization for fulfillment.

This Mercury retrograde cycle has an interesting twist because merciry coincides with the Venus retrograde. Both Venus and Forgot apple are retrograde in the sign of Capricorn so we are getting a double dose of retrograde energy in the same part of the sky. Venus retrograde will take place totally in the sign of Capricorn where Mercury retrograde will span over two signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. I will be talking about both retrogrades at https://solargemeinschaft-biohof-deiters-gbr.de/communication/pull-up-gloves-with-hooks.php in this article because I believe their retrograde energies will be working together. I wrote januay Venus retrograde article that dives deeper into the Venus retrograde that you can read on my Astroblog.

Delivering an unfiltered stream of consciousness could mess things up during your retrograde period. Practice deep breathing and slowing down. Just be patient in re-delivering important communications.

This will also be a time of reflection. Your specialty is reading people. Your patience is running thin as it seems the entire zodiac goes mad during retrograde, and you feel like you have to bear it. This is an opportune time to use your leadership skills and keep the ship from sinking.

Even if communication feels wonky, your perception is still razor-sharp. This retrograde can destabilize your physical energy. Routine and predictability are your shticks, so pretty much everything about Mercury retrograde is going to annoy you. Once you enter your home and safe space, the days will feel easier. Practice releasing control. Being uncomfortable is great for your character.

You are all about self-expression, so the misunderstandings that come with a Mercury retrograde might hurt your feelings a bit. You want so badly to get people and for them to get you. This is a good time to practice active listening and patience. Also, to connect with others on an emotional level.

Words are only one of many ways we can communicate with each other. The people in your life will love it. You could only make things worse. Wait until the post-shadow season to see what role you play in resolving family feuds.

You are naturally prone to wander, and the pandemic has already leashed you as much as possible. To ease the discomfort, thoroughly plan your next getaway. Pinterest boards, prices, links, images—the whole shebang! Out of all the planets' retrogrades, Mercury retrograde is arguably the most well-known, likely because it governs the areas of our lives we rely on the most: communication and information processing. While it's certainly not the end of the world or the huge, disastrous event some have made it out to be, it's not a walk in the park either.

It is , however, a good time to cut yourself and those around you some slack, reflect on the areas of your life where communication isn't great as it could be , engage in a little self-care, and slow down. Ahead, get a better idea of the meaning of Mercury retrograde and how it'll affect your zodiac sign.

To understand what planets' retrogrades mean in astrology, it's helpful to make sense of retrogrades IRL. Retrogrades are so named because, when planets slow down enough in their orbit, they create an optical illusion and appear to be moving backward. This understanding carries over into the astrological meaning of retrogrades, too. In astrology, retrogrades are regarded as periods that tend to bring the past — past thoughts, relationships, life themes, and feelings — back around for us to reconsider for the future.

It's during these periods that planets are not moving forward at their regular speeds, so certain areas of life slow down, too, potentially resulting in miscommunications, setbacks, and other difficulties, depending on the planet retrograding. Looking back to Mercury's mythological roots, the Roman god "Mercury" is often linked to Hermes in Greek mythology, otherwise known as a divine messenger to the gods, according to Britannica.

Now, in astrology, Mercury is said to govern communication, our immediate surroundings, some travel, and thoughts and information processing — some pretty important areas.

While orbiting at full speed, Mercury tends to help these areas move forward without a hitch, but when the planet slows nearly to a halt during Mercury retrograde, so can these themes. This can result in a number of things, like a small miscommunication spiraling into something bigger or a person from your past coming back around for a chat. This Mercury retrograde period occurs in two zodiac signs: Aquarius and Capricorn.

In innovative and community-focused Aquarius, we can expect Mercury retrograde to introduce some thought-provoking, potentially unnerving feelings surrounding your connections, with your words and theirs carrying more weight than usual. When Mercury retrogrades briefly through structured, ambitious Capricorn on Jan. Of course, for a deeper understanding of how Mercury retrograde affects you personally, it's also helpful to know in which zodiac sign and astrological house Mercury falls in your birth chart , as well as the house Aquarius rules for your zodiac sign.

January 's Mercury retrograde has you thinking about your crew now more than ever, Aries — how you interact with your friends, and they with you. Are you surrounded by people who excite and motivate you? And do you feel you can be honest with them? If not, you may want to use Mercury retrograde to reflect on what you want most out of your friendships and how you can achieve that.

Have you been asking for what you want — nay, need — in your professional life, Taurus? Sometimes, you can't do it all on your own, and during Mercury retrograde, you may have an epiphany about the importance of your network when it comes to your career.

Take some time to reflect on all you've worked so hard to accomplish and fill yourself with the confidence to brag about yourself a little bit. With Mercury as your ruling planet and Aquarius ruling your adventurous ninth house, you're probably thinking about all about your visions, Gemini, including waffling on the meaningful beliefs you've typically held close or the bigger picture of where your life is headed.

Don't be afraid to use this tricky time to sit in stillness and just think. Think about what you've wanted out of life in the past and whether or not that truly aligns with how you're feeling now. People already know you're emotional, Cancer, but what they don't know is that there's much more going on beneath your exterior than you let on — and you may find yourself struggling with vulnerability during Mercury retrograde.

You hold space for your loved ones' emotions so faithfully, but January's Mercury retrograde is challenging you to reconsider how you can let yourself experience the other side of that intimacy and trust.

Mercury retrograde is putting a spotlight on your close relationships, Leo, including those you might think you left in the past. If Mercury retrograde brings some older connections back around for a chat, tread carefully and honestly. Mercury retrograde also isn't the best time to start something fresh, so if you've been thinking about solidifying a certain relationship, it might be best to hold that thought for a beat.

Is your day-to-day working for you, Virgo? With Mercury retrograde shining a spotlight on your routines, habits, and daily tasks, you might begin to wonder where you're going wrong in these areas. This isn't a sign to flip your whole day upside down, but it is a time to reflect on some small, immediate changes you can make with regard to your habits that make you feel coordinated, inspired, and energized.

Affecting your fifth house of creativity, romance, and passions, Mercury retrograde is calling on you to rethink these areas, perhaps with regard to how you express your creative visions or affection.

This is a good time to dedicate a little more time to whatever allows your creativity to truly thrive — and the same goes for your love life. You're probably getting a little emo during Mercury retrograde, Scorpio, as this transit emphasizes your home, family, and your emotional foundations.

This period may bring about some difficult conversations or feelings surrounding your loved ones, so do your best to hold space for them and you at this time. If you're feeling overwhelmed, allow yourself to communicate that and lean into the people and activities that make you feel better. With the communication-focused planet retrograding through your third house of communication, you're prone to some — wait for it — communication struggles at this time, Sagittarius.

Don't recoil from any and all interactions, though.

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