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We all know that Bravo cast members are faced with lots of speculation, especially when it comes to who is dating who…. When Southern Charm and Summer House stars began living with each other for the new series Winter Housea few juicy romances took place. We got read article grips with who Lindsay is dating post-filming, and listed all the events that happened between her and Austen. Since Austen arrived at the Winter Housethings have been flirty between the two since. He even picked her up in his arms after his arrival…. Lindsay told him she is in love with him during a click at this page night.

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When Austen became a cast member on his Bravo lindsey and austin dating, Lindsay was joining a new, upcoming reality show that quickly became a hit on the network. Since Lindsay and Austen both work for Bravo, the pair datin a friendship through their employment with the what are sparks on facebook dating. Throughout their three-year friendship, Lindsay and Austen have been in on and off relationships, it difficult for them to ever develop something past a friendship. Last summer, Lindsay broke auxtin with her boyfriend of over a year, Stephen Traversie, while Austen broke up with his girlfriend of almost three years, Madison LeCroy, around the same time. The year-old spoke with Us Weekly ahead of the Winter Sating premiere on Wednesday regarding mature dating romantic history with Austen. Lindsay needed a stable friendship with Austen, so she could " bounce ideas off " and " work through certain situations " with him.

Who is Lindsay Hubbard dating now and what happened with Austin?


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Romance, activated! Lindsay Hubbard admits she was "shocked" to find a little bit of love while filming Winter House earlier this year in Stowe, Vermont. I just thought I was going to go, like, hang out in the snow with my friends, and I did not expect to meet somebody in the process whatsoever," Lindsay says. Lindsay's first impression of Jason was, "Holy smokes! This guy is hot," but he really won her over with a simple gesture: a click to see more of sortswhich fans of Summer House are sure to find funny, given her history of arguing over the food. Lindsay confirms that her and Jason's fling flowed out into the real world, with the pair continuing to date once they got back to New York City from their mountain getaway. Where they stand now is to be revealed.

Putting her foot down. Austen chose Ciara, 25, for most of the questions, including about datinf better cuddler and better kisser, while datinv picking Lindsay as the person most likely click at this page scare his friends. Following the awkward appearance, fans speculated whether there was tension because they were seemingly no longer following one another on Instagram. Specifically, after Winter House filming, I had a conversation with him about that. Viewers are getting to see a different side to Lindsay and Austen as their friendship currently plays out on Winter House.

Fans will likely hear about their past on TV and how it steeped into Winter House. In the trailer for season 1, Lindsay can be seen telling Austen that she loves him; however, the conversation isn't what many viewers thought.

Lindsay revealed to Us Weekly that the conversation occurred after getting drunk on Fireball whiskey. The reality star added that though she said the same thing to other people in the house, she is looking forward to seeing how it all plays out on TV. Even though Austen, who was spotted with Kristin Cavallari , and Lindsay were never in a relationship, it seems the pair did have a strong bond before coming onto the show.

When two people who have some type of history and are all of a sudden stuck together for weeks in a house, it can be easy to lean on each other whether it's for a friendship, romantic reasons, or both. Source: Us Weekly.

We're in a good place. Winter House is the first time fans will see their relationship onscreen, with the trailer teasing a drunken confession of love from Lindsay to Austen. We've obviously never felt the need to promote our friendship in any public platform. And by the way, I will say, I'm not the only one in this friendship that gets drunk and says wild things to the other one.

A post shared by Lindsay Hubbard lindshubbs. Lindsay discloses that she and Austen have crossed the line from friends into something more maybe something with benefits , but never officially dated.

Winter House was the first time they were both single at the same time, with Lindsay fresh out of her relationship with Stephen 'Stravy' Traversie , and Austen finally calling it quits with Madison LeCroy. We're like, 'What did we say? What did we do? Lindsay suspects she'll learn a thing or two about all her friendships by watching back Winter House. The cast hasn't been shy about the fact that it was a wild, two-and-a-half week adventure mostly seen through beer goggles.

On top of that, Lindsay agrees with the suggestion that Winter House just might be the horniest series in Bravo history. Lindsay says the hookup didn't surprise her, though. Lindsay does disclose that Austen and Ciara's thing "of course" complicates her relationship with both castmates, calling it "intimidating" both ways, as she knows her close bond with the Kings Calling Brewing Co. What ensues is a bit of a love triangle, or quadrangle, seeing as Madison seemingly reenters the chat briefly -- she's now engaged to someone else -- which has confounded viewers and co-stars alike.

Just confused. He's a family man -- he is very close with his parents and his sister, I'm close with his sister -- and anytime I'm with him we can talk about things in absolute depth, or we can just be silly and have fun and I think, for me, that is the appeal to Austen. He's single! He's experimenting and dating, just like I am. So I guess you have to call me an f-girl if that's the case. But I love hanging out with Austen and I think, you guys watching Winter House will be able to see more of that fun, loving side to him that you haven't necessarily been able to see of him on Southern Charm, because he's stuck under the thumb of a relationship that was perhaps toxic.

While Lindsay won't say for certain that the shows are crossing over full-time she only says there's "plenty of opportunities" for her to go to Charleston, South Carolina, where Southern Charm films , it's clear that these casts are beyond intertwined.

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