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Park Hae-il born 26 January is a South Poly speed dating near me actor. He began his acting career in theater, but soon gained the film industry's attention in with Jealousy Is My Middle Name and Memories of Murder. Park's film career took off, with leading roles in films of diverse genres, including relationship drama Rules of Datinghorror mystery Paradise Murderedand crime thriller Moss More recently, Park received Best Actor honors for his performance in the period action film War of the Arrowswhich was the highest-grossing Korean film of He also received critical acclaim for his role as an aging poet in A Muse Park Hae-il began appearing in theatre productions ever since childhood, and datinf first established himself on stage rather than on the screen.

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It first aired on June 15,[1] and was one of vating top rated programs on Sunday Korean television. During their stay the Family would play games and complete tasks set daing the owners of the home, while the owners are out on vacation. The game - variety show format of Family Outing has widely been considered to be influenced by its predecessor, X-Man with both programs sharing key production and cast members, the most notable of which being Main Producer Jang Hyuk-jae, MC Yoo Jae-suk and cast member Kim Go here. Trademarks of the park hae jin dating included sound effects, pop-up text and background music in accordance with the on-screen narrative. Music included personal theme songs for various ddating members, frequently coordinated with moments of lament or foolishness for comedic effect, or schadenfreude.

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After the Family rise, Jae-suk initiates a "Wake Up Mission", where the losing member would be tasked with breakfast preparation, alongside other members s he selects. While they make breakfast, the rest of the Family either returns to bed, or completes another chore.

The Family members that are assigned breakfast duty are frequently filmed gathering ingredients from around the community before commencing preparation and cooking. In this way the program also highlights regional produce and places of interest in more rural villages. After the Family awakens a second time to eat breakfast, they typically perform the last chores assigned by the homeowners.

While completing these final tasks, the Family will often participate in another competition before returning to the house. The homeowners are then shown returning from vacation and bidding the Family farewell. The episode concludes with a sneak peek of the following episode, including the next guest s. Much of the humor and entertainment value of the show was derived from the interactions of the Family members. The diverse set of characters, as described in detail in the table below, played off each other's personality traits and tendencies to produce a humorous and entertaining viewing experience.

As the characters evolved and became more familiar to audiences, a context for their relationships formed, often furthering their humorous interactions. Their last episode aired in February with the show returning for a second season, with a new concept, production team, and cast. The main host or MC of the show. He plays a major role for the "Wake-Up Mission" in the morning of the second day, as well as during games.

He is also called the Grasshopper , the 'Dumb' brother from the Dumb and Dumber pairing with Daesung, and was part of the Nation's Siblings pairing with Hyo-ri. Jae-suk is often talkative, relying on his quick wit for observational humor, and excels at articulating emotions and situational context, such as game rules to audiences. Jae-suk, along with Daesung, is easily scared in uncertain or foreign circumstances. Jae-suk often submits to stronger characters such as Hyo-ri or Jong-kook during conflict with self-deprecating humor, while occasionally asserting himself against weaker opponents such as Jong-shin.

The "female master" of the show and occasional MC. The Nation's Fairy plays the role of the person who typically admonishes the male Family members, particularly during cooking mishaps; a sound effect of cats screeching is frequently used during such situations. At the same time, Hyo-ri often exhibits willingness to open herself to humiliation, whether being teased for tendencies like alcohol or facial bloating and during physical games.

Hyo-ri describes her nonchalance as "cool like that. She also has a cat-dog relationship with Kim Jong-kook, and is frequently paired with him for fictional love lines. The old man of the show, he frequently needs the care and attention of the rest of the family members. He is known to be the best at "making the seasoning" for food on the show, which usually merely involves adding ramen noodle powder to soups.

He is often called 'sickly', 'old man', and Forty Brothers with Kim Su-ro. Jong-shin is usually seen as the least physically gifted and is thus often chosen last for physical competitions. He is however a strong competitor for oral battles involving wit. The Game Devil of the show for his strong physical performance. He is mentally sharp, and often relies on his wit to pick on Chun-hee. He acquired the title Stepmother Kim for constantly tasking Chun-hee with chores.

Due to his occasional childish and playful antics, he also gained the nickname Little Boy Su-ro. He is occasionally known as "Fortune Teller Su-ro", especially when he wears a hanbok. Su-ro is one of the stronger and more athletic family members when it comes to physical games, thus the Imperial March is used as his theme.

Far from his national-idol Big Bang image, the youngest of the family members assists Yoo Jae-suk in gags and is seen as a younger brother to him. He's called the 'Dumber' brother in the Dumb and Dumber pair with Jae-suk, as his IQ is revealed to be among the lowest in the family. Daesung is shown to be easily intimidated and shy, particularly in front of guests from Big Bang. Daesung is one of the more physically gifted of the Family, so he is typically selected quickly for games.

As he is a good dancer, he easily dances along to the newest songs discussed by the Family. Initially portrayed as a strong physical competitor, Jong-kook is revealed to have poor luck and is in a perpetual "game slump". He is frequently called "Kim Kook-jong" on the show when being teased by Jae-suk and Hyo-ri, which is a pun on the word 'worry' in Korean, i. Jong-kook's character evolved over the course of the series as he became more talkative, which allowed him to assert himself over Jae-suk and Jong-shin with wit and strength, particularly during chores and cooking activities.

While he originally had an awkward relationship with Hyo-ri and Ye-jin, these relationships later developed into romantic "scandals"; Jae-suk would sometimes tease Jong-kook further by including Yoon Eun-hye in the scandals.

He and Daesung demonstrate a fondness for girl groups, performing several dances over the course of the series. Jong-kook's close friends Cha Tae-hyun and Jang Hyuk appear multiple times on the show, sharing intimate and embarrassing stories along the way. He is seen as a Delicate Boy because of his poor performance in games and "Wake-Up Missions", though his first participation as a guest in episodes suggested a good physical condition. He often talks back to Jae-suk and shows both gullibility and ingenuity.

He is sometimes called the unlucky man because of his constant failures during games, which he always explains away drawing from his substantial stockpile of justifications. Su-ro confirmed that Hae-Jin may be even more clumsy than Chun-hee.

He is occasionally coached by Jong-kook to develop strength. Inhabiting the image of Chunderella and Clumsy Chun-hee , he originally appeared to be a strong player, but was later determined to be naive and clumsy.

Consequently, his theme music was frequently played during his moments of incompetence Childhood Memories, Once Upon a Time in America theme.

He is constantly picked on by Su-ro, his senior from acting school, despite his futile attempts to "rebel" from time to time. See: Stepmother Kim and Chunderella. He follows stepmother Kim Su-ro's footsteps upon the arrival of guest Lee Jun-ki, a junior from university, by bossing him around. Chun-hee is revealed to have a high IQ and to have been contacted by Mensa. He is also the only member who possesses a scuba-diving license. Chun-hee expresses his adoration for multiple female guests who join the show such as Taeyeon and Son Dam-bi , without reciprocation.

Originally seeming as a pleasant, demure ladylike figure, she later showed her true colors as the Sweet and Vicious or Sweet and Savage Miss Ye-jin through her no-nonsense and tenacious ways in preparing fish and chickens for meals, as well as her bravery towards capturing them.

Ye-jin maintained a strong rapport with Hyo-ri as they ranked the Family men for sleep positioning; when female guests appeared, they banded together as the two were cast off as the undesirable "older sisters".

She was known for expressing joy and excitement with her high pitch nasal screeching. Ye-jin demonstrated her mental fortitude when admonishing Jae-suk during food preparation and her physical acumen in battling and hair-pulling against the strongest of competitors. The love scandal between Ye-jin and Jong-kook was further heightened when they filmed a music video together.

Giving the image of a City Girl , she has become close with Hyo-ri on the show. She is referred to as of the Park Siblings with Park Haejin. Siyeon did not develop a strong presence over the course of her tenure on the show. As oldest members of the family, they are seen as The Elders. As the very first breakfast pair, Dae-sung and Yoo Jae-suk had trouble with measuring the water for cooking ramen. As said in the episode, you can't help but call them "dumb and dumber".

Yoo Jae-suk is referred to as "Dumb" and Daesung as "Dumber". The pair plays the role as a rich couple Madam Lee and Chairman Yoon. Yoon Jong-shin seems to act naturally but Lee Hyo-ri seems to dislike her role.

Kim Su-ro is the senior of Lee Chun-hee from university , as well as in acting. When Lee Chun-hee is asked to perform a task, he naturally does so. Lee Chun-hee attempts slight revenges but usually fails. As the only two female cast members at the time, the two needed to stick together against the men. Generally they treat each other well, but during games or voting for where to sleep, they "fight till death". The only two members of the family who were born in before Park Si-yeon's arrival.

Lee Chun-hee attempted to dominate Lee Hyo-ri but proves to be difficult. For Lee Hyo-ri and Kim Jong-kook they are known as the awkward couple. By , when Kim Su-ro turned 40, he was referred to as thus. Through the role as Forty Brothers , the two finally referred each other as "brother" after 7 months of filming in an awkward stance. The two have similarly small eyes. Kim Jong-kook has used Dae-sung to help him improve his relationship with the women of the family. Yoo Jae-suk often provokes and teases Kim Jong-kook during games, resulting in Kim Jong-kook lashing out to him.

This makes Yoo Jae-suk and sometimes Yoon Jong-shin to seek revenge and sees Kim Jong-kook as a game rival, however often ended up getting beaten up by Kim Jong-kook. The two both have the last name "Park" and are coincidentally from Busan. When the two are together, they speak in the Busan dialect. At first they were not great friends, but has created a bond throughout the show.

When it comes to games, it seems that Lee Hyo-ri overpowers the timid Park Si-yeon. Both Park Hae-jin and Yoon Jong-shin are seen as the "weak" members of the family with Yoon Jong-shin being the eldest and having health issues, and Park Hae-jin's image as a delicate boy.

Guest star s were featured in most episodes, with the majority being in two back-to-back episodes. Guests who were featured in more than two episodes are Jang Hyuk who appeared in episodes 27, 28 and 29 during the Christmas Special and Seo In-young Jewelry and Park Jin-young , whom both appeared in episodes 76, 77 and Every night of each episode, The Family typically play another game before preparing for bedtime.

Sleeping arrangement allowed the Family to determine where each member would be positioned overnight, with this ranking of particular importance if sleeping locations included particularly undesirable such as cold or cramped quarters. The ranking process involved the female cast members numerically ranking the men in the Family, oftentimes based on their performance either in the preceding game or over the course of the day.

Airing as a Lunar New Year special and the finale of Season 1, awards were given in five different categories to members of the family, as well as a product distinct to one of the villages the Family visited. Reminiscing clips from previous shows aired as well. All members of the family were present for this special occasion. The music was written by Yoon Jong-Shin, whereas the lyrics were written by the entire family, and feature many of the events that have happened in the family.

The digital single was released on June 8, In the ratings below, the highest rating for the show will in be red , and the lowest rating for the show will be in blue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. South Korean comedy-variety show. For other uses, see Picnic. Game Rival? Main article: List of Family Outing episodes. This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.

Please help improve this section if you can. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Chun Hee 2. Daesung 3. Dong Wan 4. Su-ro 5. Jong-Shin 6. Daesung 2. Chun Hee 3. Su-ro 4. Jae-Suk 5. Hae-Jin 2. Jong Shin 5. Chun Hee 6. G-Dragon 2. Sung Rok 3. Daesung 4. Jun-Jin 2. Jinwook 2. Jae-Suk 6. Jae-Suk 3. Hong Gi 5. Ye Jin 2. Taeyeon 3. Hyo Ri. Jong-Shin 2. Hyesung 3. Chun Hee 5.

Su-ro 6. Junsu 3. Yunho 4. Jae-Suk 7. Chun Hee. Jong Kook 3. Daesung 5. Rain 2. Jong Kook 5. Su-ro 2. Jong Kook 4. Tae Hyun 6. Jae-Suk 2. Su-ro 3. Jong Kook. Hyo Ri 2. Soo Kyung 3. You only need a computer and a reliable internet connection Go to tech tab for work detail He posted a screenshot of a group KakaoTalk chatroom with a user claiming, "I….

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