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Phone sex numbers are the quickest way to connect with adults in sexy conversation. See more numbers are chat lineswhich introduce you to like-minded people in your area. Others are classic numbers with professional operators. Whichever numbera of phone sex you crave, there are plenty of numbers available. And yes, all of these numbers offer free trials. Technically, you can call each of these lines, use the trial, and enjoy totally free! The numbers in the table below are the cream of the crop.

55 Free Phone Sex Numbers Rank from Best to Worst


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Make your contribution now and help Gothamist thrive in Donate today. To get more eyes phone numbers to text for nudes the art, they've created a way to discover some of it. Their highly addictive "Send Me" feature allows you to text them what you want to see, and they'll send you back an image of a piece of art depicting that thing, along with some information on the piece. Here's how to the magic happen: text "send me [x]" toand within seconds SFMOMA will text you back a piece of art that, in some way, shows you that thing. For example, here's the ocean though if you ask for the ocean you may get a different reply :. In their announcement of the text service, they noted that "studies have shown that the average museum visitor spends approximately seven seconds in front of any artwork," asking, "In a world oversaturated with information

Phone sex numbers provide just that link yes, they still exist! You might be surprised at the invigorating experiences waiting to be had on one of these lines! Call now: Phone Sex Chatline is one of the best places for guys and girls to get together and talk dirty. Access to the phone lines is always free for women while men have to pay. Luckily, men can take advantage of a free trial that gives them 30 minutes to try out the service.

You can also call a local city number if you want to talk to someone who is not a PSO. These are just horny locals who want to engage in naughty chat with a stranger! Nightline lets callers connect with each other for erotic or more hardcore sexual conversation.

They have a customizable feature that makes it stand out from other lines. When you dial into Nightline, you have the option to select a chat category to make finding like-minded matches easier.

Whenever you are in the mood, Nightline will be there for you. We will admit though that both the quantity and quality of callers improve as it gets later into the night. New users can enjoy a free trial. Night Exchange: Best for extreme kink — There are peak hours that usually fall between 8 PM and 1 AM. The line itself connects you to flirty individuals who want to talk about their kinks to you. Plus, you can search by fetish on their homepage to find people who are into the same kinks as you.

Talk To Me: Most unique options — This effective phone sex number has a unique model that tons of folks love. They offer a large variety in terms of communication methods. From calls, to cams, from texts, to Skype, there are endless ways to use Talk To Me.

The women you will speak with are all rated from one to five stars by other callers, which gives you a chance to request only the best partner for your phone fun. Each has their own fantasies that they love to talk about. If their kinks match yours, give it a go. Customers usually report that Talk To Me is high quality. Jet Doll has been in operation for more than 20 years now, giving it major chops in the phone sex industry.

Though the webpage appears to be out of date, the line has managed to keep up with the times after all these years. When you dial the Jet Doll number, a rep will answer to set you up with your phone sex session. They can satisfy any kink or fetish you can come up with, all directly through the phone. When you call into these lines, you will be connected with people who are also down to have phone sex with you. As far as how to behave, acting respectful is key. Ask questions if you want to know what turns your phone sex partner on and tell them about your fantasies.

When you are describing kinky things, try to be imaginative and descriptive. Should I call a classic phone sex number or a chat line? Some folks love their old school lines. These are lines that you dial into. Meanwhile, chat lines connect you with regular people in your area. A late night line might not connect you to phone sex experts, but they will lend themselves to a more genuine and meaningful experience. More than that, chat lines usually offer much longer free phone sex trial periods.

Free phone sex is just a phone call away! Each number offers a different amount of free minutes. Some lines only allow you to message other users with those minutes rather than chat with a live person.

This is why free phone sex is possible, but can be tedious if you decide you never want to pay for your time.

What should I expect when calling a phone sex number? When you call a number for phone sex, you will be introduced to someone who works for the line or matched with other locals. Prepare for the automated voice on the line to be sultry and dramatic. Are phone sex numbers safe?

There is a lot to consider when calling a phone sex line. You might worry about how it appears on your bill, fear for your privacy, or wonder if your conversations are being recorded. They are usually run by large companies who make your safety a priority. Sex lines also often utilize secure billing systems and toll-free numbers which are untraceable. What kind of people call sex lines? People just like you! Tons and tons of people call phone sex numbers.

They are often normal folks who are looking to spice up their sex lives. Phone sex is one of the quickest, easiest, and safest ways to do that with new people. Most sex lines operate in the same fashion.

The steps laid out for you below are applicable to most erotic chat line numbers. Phone sex is a thrilling experience. However, there are always risks involved with trying new things.

This is the most important safety tip of all. Do not reveal identifying information about yourself to strangers on phone sex lines. As you can imagine, this service is nowhere near as popular — after all — why would the ladies pay for something they can get for free? Like other sex lines, LiveLinks is free to use for women and free to try for men. Given its larger-than-average customer base and quality reputation, LiveLinks is considered by many to be one of the best phone sex companies in operation.

Of course, the odds of finding yourself in the midst of a sexy conversation are pretty high. Tango Personals is available in over 1, US cities and, like most services, offers a free trial to new customers. Each profile on Tango Personals comes complete with a personalized message which others use to decide who they find interesting. A profile can only be accessed using the same phone number you used to set it up, which some may see as a drawback.

Vibeline is the most popular black phone chat service in North America, one that has been in operation since the s. Although Vibeline can function as a phone sex chat line, many people are simply looking to connect with singles or like-minded people in their area. The service is completely free for women and men can try the service for 60 minutes free of charge.

Moreover, Vibeline guarantees that all users are real people, meaning no paid operators. One interesting feature offered by Vibeline is the ability to add users to a hot list. This allows you to easily access people you developed a connection with at a later date. Creating an account with Vibeline involves providing basic personal information and recording a short voice message.

Unlike many other chat lines — where your account must be accessed using the same phone number it was set up with — Vibeline allows users to access their account from any number so long as they have their login credentials. Talk is another great sex chatline that can be accessed through their dedicated phone line or mobile application.

The service offers several impressive features, the most noteworthy of which is the local party line. This party line connects you with open-minded singles from your area who are willing to talk dirty and engage in erotic conversation — providing an unforgettable experience. The overall service is totally free for women and all new male customers get a minute free trial. The dirty chat line portion of the GuySpy network can be accessed through GuySpy Voice, a service that offers all new customers a generous 60 minute free trial.

Once purchased, users are free to talk dirty and enjoy sexy live connections with other callers. Because of its companion dating site and social media network, GuySpy is easily one of the best options for gay and bisexual men to talk with like-minded people and explore their sexual fantasies. Fonochat is one of the largest and most popular chat lines services in the US and Canada.

The service caters primarily to Latinos looking to meet singles in their area or engage in a fun or erotic chat with like-minded individuals.

Originally only available in Spanish, the site has since expanded to provide services to English-speaking customers — a testament to its popularity. Get it all in one place, ladies and gents! Fonochat also offers a free trial period and an introductory bonus of double the minutes on your first purchase.

Being fun, private, and easy to use, Fonochat is easily one of the top options around for hookups, phone sex, and meeting hot singles. If, for one reason or another, none seem appealing to you, consider the following options:. Many people use the two terms interchangeably when they actually refer to different things. A classic phone sex number operates specifically for engaging in phone sex.

While some people may participate in other types of discussion, the service is set up as an exclusive phone sex hotline. By contrast, chat lines can be used for anything, and are typically frequented by people looking to meet singles in their area. That said, chat phone lines are routinely used by men and women looking to talk dirty, discuss their sexual fantasies, etc. Phone sex lines work in a variety of ways, even though the premise of engaging in this type of experience is pretty straightforward.

When the classic phone sex numbers first began , it was all quite simple. Customers would call a phone number where they would be connected with a professional, often referred to as an operator. This operator would be paid to engage in phone sex or a bit of taboo chat with the caller.

As technology improved, the top companies took an entirely different angle and started matching two individuals in a private conversation for the purpose of phone sex. Neither of these individuals would be paid and both would be engaging for their own enjoyment. To match two people, each caller would be required to record a short message describing themselves, their sexual preference, and any particular interests they have like voyeurism or BDSM fantasies.

When defining these limits, be clear and to the point so as not to waste too much time. Doing so creates a positive experience for you and your partner. Be natural: Most people find an overly forced sexy voice to be creepy, and while imagination and roleplaying is greatly appreciated, it should feel natural and unforced. As you go through the process with your partner, be conscious of this. Use your imagination: Most people that connect to an erotic line are looking for fun, not a boring or predictable experience.

Yes, you can have free sex! Men, on the other hand, are not as lucky and will have to pay. There are some services, like FreeChatGirls, that have dedicated lines where the men talk for free and women have to pay.

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