Richard madden froy gutierrez dating

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Froy Gutierrez is a famous American model, musician, and actor. He was born on April 27,and grew up in Dallas, Texas. Gutierrez was born in Highland Park, Taxes, where he grew up until He used to attend Booker T. He article source an richare brother and a younger sister.

Who Is Froy Gutierrez’s Boyfriend? Is He Really A Gay? - FitzoneTV


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These guys met and romance begun. They are getting to know each other and themselves. They aren't officially out themselves I believe and they are exploring life. If they come out of this lock down by coming out together as a couple, I think that's adorable and honorable. They did it their way. It's a gay dream. There will be a movie about it one day. Legit question: Why doesn't Richard just come out? Does he really think he has the possibility of a career where that will hurt it he ain't an action hero.

He's not scared to play gay see Rocketman. Or is this a Queen Latifah situation - i. The difference is Queen Latifah walks besides her girlfriend, they show PDA ect so that is example of a glass closet right there R When the breakup story came out, no one looked bad. It was about when Richard was getting more recognition. I think there was even something in there about her wanting to focus on work and he wanting to party. Thanks for the info. I guess that means the person claiming that Madden's team shit talks all his exes isn't credible.

I mean, he understands that he made Froy dependent on him, right? He cannot just take off once this is over, surely there is a plan to put Froyito in some apartment so he won't find himself homeless.

Froy will go back to living with his you-tuber friends and Richard will go film that show with the Jonas wife. Good news is Froy can travel with him when he films or do promo since he doesn't have any work except the con circuit for Teen Wolf Froy can't travel with Richard. Richard is of Scottish nationality and Sturgeon who is the prime minister of Scotland says he can't come in. I doubt he can go back to his old living arrangements.

Richard did a fine job in isolating him from his social circle. I mean? How did he make Froy move out? It was Froy's decision. How is Froy dependent on him? Froy's a working actor, he has enough money. A lot more than most 22 years olds.

So basically they followed eachother when they were both tagged on a fan manip, they met up on feb and by early march Froy moved in.

They have Brandon to thank for their hot quarantine sex capade. Instagram has surplanted Grindr. I think they both have Instagram independent of Brandon. They were clearly going out in January. We got the pap photos in February and we are 2 weeks away from June.

The relationship around 5 months, wonder if they can make it past 6. Los Angeles will be on lockdown until June?? Just two friends having a good time. Fuck buddies. The only thing he gives him is dick.

I don't get why people are all: how in the world could they meet?! Like, it's two actors with millions of followers on Instagram, one DMs the other, they say let's meet up. So Froy is cast in a TV series that probably won't be filming as scheduled.

It was supposed to start in June I believe. It's called Last Summer and is set in the 90s. The main reason he can't cut his hair, I think he tweeted.

Anyhow he's rapidly looking less and less like a high school kid. That fresh, young face he used to have is already gone. R, interesting all filming is delayed till , so if Froy is busy with his new show and Richard with the Eternal promo tour and Citadel where he will be out of the country for months by thn.. Mark your calanders,guys. It's probably the same old story -- actors even in the year are still pressured to stay in the closet by their management and the industry because they are told coming out will damage their popularity with fangirls, the public, etc.

If he is bisexual, as claimed by some, then there is really no point for him to come out. If he marries a woman and has kids The answer to the question is: Richard Madden. Not his publicist or his agent or Hollywood execs or Barbara Broccoli.

He's cowardly even though he has kept dating men - another actor with millions of followers, no less - after all the coverage his last relationship with a man got?

That doesn't really pass the cowardice test. R, well sure, each individual actor is responsible for what they ultimately decide to do. When Garrett Clayton came out a couple of years ago he said in his coming out interview that he had been pressured by an industry executive to stay in the closet and butch it up when he was younger.

Why can't it be both? He wouldn't be the first man to be uncomfortable about a label, which is what a proper coming out would entail, while not hiding an attraction to the same sex. Obviously agents and publicists have an agenda and certainly benefit from keeping him closeted. It definitely plays a part I'm sure, and I won't deny that, but still think at least dome of these actors have internal issues with their sexuality.

I mean, there are actual out gay men that have issues with self-hate so why wouldn't a glass-closeted maybe bi one not also have them. Fpr all the people posting that he must publicly come out immediately for the sake of authenticity:. Persisting with dating male actors with millions of followers suggests that self hate isn't at the core of his decision making.

R NO wonder he goes after the pretty, young and popular boys the ones that were pretty from birth. Froy is smart that is why he will not come out, Brandon did it way early and now his career is pretty much over after 13rw.

I think he'd have more luck with Matthieu, who says in the video above that his first date was for Seventeen Magazine! Well, wasn't Hunter his main friend? I mean from the old Froy threads it appeared Hunter was his only significant friendship outside from his family. Did Richard date Ellie or was it a PR showmance? Was he secretly with that Middle eastern fem guy? Not really, I know some other friendships of Froys, I know who a few of his closer friends are but no need to name them here. One he's pretty good friends with that most people know about is Andrew Matarazzo.

There are two girls I know he's close to and others he's friends with. I'd also say the Lange's are his friends and I know a couple of photographers and an agent he's close to, and a somewhat famous singer. Stupid lies and delusional theories that make these straight cunts think they have special insight.

Madden's birthday is coming up next month. Wish I could be there to celebrate with him and the Froy-ster. Is this a quote from Hunter's published book or something? If not, perhaps it's a thinly veiled swipe at a certain ex getting his walls knocked loose in Venice. Before his social media was cleaned up in , Froy mostly had IGs about his family and his escapades with Hunter Summerall.

Any other mention of a close friendship is pure speculation on the fangirl's flighty tendencies. He may interact with other people, but his only close friendship [that we know] was with Summerall. What is Hunter on about on Twitter?? Is he accusing Madden of being a compulsive liar?? Is he implying he got between Froy and Hunter with lies??? Maybe he should think about that again since he may feel threatened once he finds out that some fans have said Brandon Flynn has a resemblance to James Dean.

Get over the fact that Froy is with Richard. Nothing that you could ever do will ever change that Madden is with Froy. I do know, R, I just don't want to name them and be the cause of some weirdo here stalking them or worse. They're minor celebs and are vulnerable, they're not living behind gates.

I don't know why someone is claiming Froy's only friend is Hunter. I recognize the poster, they're always putting Froy down. And I'm not a fangirl. Personally I only have a few close friends and then know other people. I don't get why Froy should be any different than that, or most people.

R, interesting Brandon also post on his story about James Dean when he was with Richard. What is that all about? We have a winner. It's obvious Froy and Hunter were a couple, hence why he's so pressed now about Froy and Richard. R Richard must be obsessed with james Dean and it rubs off on his boyfriends. He looks nothing like his heavily filtered selfies. Brandon has always been hot. Even photos not taken nor filtered by a professional photographer looks like a professional photo shoot.

Brandon is hotter to me, Froy is too polished looking. I liked Brandon's short hair a few months back:. I know this is about the house but it sound like its about his relationship with Froy as well.. Froy is in love with Richard. It's obvious he is smitten with him. Richard's likes and interests are rubbing off on him, like the James Dean thing. That's what happens when you're invested in a person.

Froy is so into him. This will end in tears. I feel bad for Froy already. I remember the crushes I had on guys when I was that age. They are so strong and you fall so fast and so hard. Poor guy.

Hey, atleast he is well aware that they are not forever but does Froy? Froy is history once Richard starts filming his new show. He wants to protect his brand, that is the most important thing. I mean come on, the timing of that other story about how great he is in the Eternals is laughable. No mention of Jolie, Salma and the rest of the cast. Funny that. I believe on a subconscious level Richard wants to come out. That's why he can't keep his dating life a secret. Otherwise he'd pick more discreet twinks who aren't obsessed with social media and I'm sure such twinks exist R Froy doesn't know that.

He has already changed for Richard, he never mentioned James Dean before, now it's his Twitter header. Froy is blinded by love. He's young, naive and inexperienced.

In other words perfect for someone like Madden. I wonder though if Froy will take the high road like Brandon did, or will he be like his jaded ex Hunter and tweet cryptic stuff? One can only wait and see. Is it possible that Richard hooked up with Froy and Hunter having a raunchy threesome? And then became enamored of Froy and drove a wedge between them? I imagine it something like this:.

WTF is going on with Gaga Daily? They're saying people are forcing a sexuality on Froy and Madden and that they could just be friends. Talk about delusional. Hell, even the tabloids know, they use nudge nudge wink wink words like "pal". Also, please explain Froy's sudden infatuation with James Dean that came out of nowhere, same thing happened with Brandon when he dated Richard.

Last but not least, are we going to ignore the fact that Richard has an obvious type? Young, pretty white twinks.

No way in hell is this a coincidence and there's no way in hell they're "just friends". Who is the delusional ones here? Us, who can read betwen the lines and can see what is right in front of our noses, or the delusional cunts on Gaga Daily who could see a sex tape of them fucking and still claim they're "just friends".

PS: most of Richard's friends are actually older. This particular fag hag was the first and only one to unfollow Flynn so she means business. The fanfic, R, is the constructed personas and relationships of the various participants being bandied around like they are personal friends and intimates of the posters. Froy is this, Brandon is that, Richard is whatever. Little fanfic microdramas in posters' brains.. Yes it is. But people are posting like they know these people.

Like they are stating facts. Honey you are stating things because of your own issues which you cannot see. But we can see them. R - what you describe is typical Welp Troll Culture. Incontinent fraus in their 70s bitching about gay men. You're right, gossiping about two guys who might be probably are fucking is worse than millions dying of Corona. Why do people here think that Froy is some innocent guy who doesn't know what he's doing? We had someone on Datalounge who allegedly knew Froy in highschool and he described him as very fame hungry and said that Froy would do whatever it took to reach his goals.

We also know that Froy and Andrew got their roles in Teen Wolf just because they were partying and hanging out with JD, the showrunner. You think it was purely a coincidence that they befriended JD at those parties and started to hang out with him? I also don't think that it's a coincidence that Froy met Richard. Froy knows how to play the game. He's great at pandering to his fangirls on social media and at conventions and he also knew how to draw attention to his relationship with Richard.

If Froy really wanted to keep the relationship a secret he wouldn't have posted such obvious hints on social media so that fans could piece everything together. I could imagine that he's pretty happy that he managed to get Richard, a famous actor. And he probably is also a bit smitten with him because Richard gives him his attention. But under no circumstances do I think that Froy is an innocent young guy who just accidentally met Richard and fell in love with him.

He's very pleased that he managed to get such a famous guy and he wants people to know it. More exposure could give him an advantage in getting more social media followers and getting new projects. This is his last chance to bag a sugar daddy like his friend Andrew M. Based on everything we've seen Madden is most likely bisexual, not gay. When he gets into his next relationship with a woman there will be name-calling and anger from the gay community, all for a man who never said he was gay.

It's so predictable. Gay men will be in a better head-space if we stop placing homosexual expectations on bisexuals, it doesn't work. Bisexuals are not some subset of homosexuality, and we need to stop treating them as such. He's a bisexual going through an extended phase of dating men--so much so that he might never look back. Lol at the person trying to turn into a veteran never was 7 Years!?!?! He's 22, dear. It's closet to 3. Madden took a pic of Froy in Clarke's house.

He also likes all of Froy's post, which include further Clarke house pics You do the math. Even though he himself never claimed to be gay. That is how private he is. He must not be impressed this story is all over the Internet. Gossip about Richard Madden's sex life- absolutely fine for DL. Tween-girl fan wars about Brandon vs Froy - ridiculous. Thanks to Twitter, Sun got a scoop. I really doubt that Froy, who has not come out, was intentionally trying to leave crumbs for obsessed fans to find.

Celebrities find out very quickly how fans pore over their social media. Some fans even turn up at the locations they piece together from a celebrity's posts. Yea , Madden does look very old for his age, I tried to compare actors who use to be 33 and they look like their age or younger.. The combination of drinking, smoking, and the stress of being a closet case desperate to be a leading Hollywood man aged him prematurely.

Most British people age in dog years as soon as they hit R Nailed it. He's a bisexual going through a phase of dating men. Who knows if he will ever go back to women. And yes, I know what bisexual means. And that dating Froy doesn't necessarily prove he will never go back to women. However I think it's interesting that he's willing to risk it all by being seen with his twink lovers. If he was a straight leaning bisexual he would just date women.

He's not doing that, which means he must really be into dick too. If anything I'd say he comes across as a gay leaning bisexual. Maybe he'll come out as gay later on.

He wouldn't be the first to come out as gay after first identifying as bisexual R But he did most likely take that pic of Froy in their house. So if that pic outed where they were staying then that was partly his fault.

Make that make sense. R Preach. Brandon has his own thread and he's Richard's ex, so old news at this point. Why do people bring him up all the time? I don't understand what he has to do with Froy. If it weren't for Brandon, we wouldn't know that Richard enjoys the touch, the feel of a man. Though in hindsight, I don't know how his fans never wondered R More proof Froy is gay.

No straight guy would get work done. Madden is more likely bisexual. Anyways, the work Froy has had done looks good as it's not too obvious. Some of you are on crack if you think this 22 year old is getting nasolabial defenestration lumpectomys. Is Richard really bisexual and are the women he dated real? I know jenna and him shared the same agency. Its funny when the photos leaked of Prince harry flirting it up with Jenna and he had his hand on her leg in a private party she was thn doing famage control a few days later holding hands with Richard R Droy needs to be more charitable and give it to Madden stat.

Poor guy is looking like a Shar-Pei. I actually think Madden is fine with the speculation as long as it's just that, speculation.

He gets the best of both worlds by staying glass closeted. He won't piss off his twink lover at the same time he gets a lot of free PR. I think the article about Madden being great in The Eternals was planted by his team who are probably pissed that Richard is once again being too obvious. I don't think he gives a fuck though. He will continue to live his life being glass closeted while never actually commenting on his love life and he certainly won't come out.

As much as I would like him to come out at least I give him credit for living his life openly as much as he can without coming out , not bearding and basically saying fuck you to his management. R I don't know, as I said it's interesting that he is willing to live his life openly and flaunt his twinks for the whole world to see. At least this proves he prefers dick at this moment in time.

I personally think he's a gay leaning bisexual. If he was a straight leaning bisexual he would just continue to date women. People said Lee Pace would never come out. Male actors are more likely to come out nowadays once the prime leading man parts are out of reach. That dude is a magician! I think the women in his life were real. At least Ellie Bamber. That already let some people side-eye him. If it had been just for PR he would have chosen a more age-approriate woman. And he seems into younger partners looking at his relationships with Brandon and now Froy.

So it's always the same pattern. R They were somewhat right. Lee didn't come out in his prime, he came out long long after his roles had dried up. People barely remembered who he was at the time he came out. It will be the same for Madden.

He will come out once he no longer has a career. In the mean time he will live his life as openly as he can in a glass closet while saying fuck you to his management who will continue to struggle keeping Richard on his leash.

Be prepared to see more deflecting articles like the Eternals one. R, it was not a few days later. Jenna and Richard would be spotted holding hands in August Then they split for good a couple of months later. Him being with them does not nullify relationships with Brandon, Froy or any other male.

R, Im more surprised with Richard armitage than Lee i never thought in a million years he would hint at it in his recent article that he did.. You're not contradicting anything I've said. Pace was He knows that "Superstar Lee Pace" is in the rearview mirror as a possibility. But he's not "forgotten. Neither mad is old or forgotten, but they've aged out of A-List-Star-to-Be category. Actually being glass closeted did piss off his last boyfriend Brandon. That's the reason they broke up.

No one likes lukewarm, no human being on Earth likes Luke warm. He should either be totally in the closet or totally out of the closet otherwise he's just going to end up pissing everyone off. Fans and lovers included. Where was that article published? Some of you are so dramatic with your conspiracy theories. In no way did that article take attention from Scotch and Taco Flavored Kisses.

Did it, though? Brandon was whining about his relationship being "scandalized" by the press to Variety. He blamed the press, not Madden. That article never included the award winning actors and more famous ones than Madden that is part of that movie.

You gullible if you think that article was not a distraction. He's only going to piss off people who are looking to be pissed off. I haven't seen outrage on other sites, only here. Distractions are planned. If something "big" drops as a story, they try to counter it with something of equal or greater interest.

The desperation is real. R True, you have a point. However, you need to remember that Froy is closeted too. That's the difference between this relationship and the one with Brandon. Brandon demanded more because he expected more as an out gay man. Froy is not out, so I think he's fine with the glass closet, at least for the time being.

He might get sick of it after a while though. Who knows, maybe being in love will inspire him to come out. R I noticed that too, same on Instagram. I wonder why. Is he molding himself into the image he thinks Richard wants to see, is he just trying to "grow" as a human being, maybe he wants to be seen as older so the press won't rip their relationship to shreds.

No one should come out over a guy he's dating for a few months. People may throw shade at Miles Heizer but I appreciate how he's not being performative about his romantic relationship.

Trying to become an It Couple is a road to failure. R Seriously?! Using Miles as an example is a terrible idea. He won't even acknowledge his boyfriend publicly.

He is glass closeted, just like Richard and Froy. Love inspired Connor to come out, sad that the same can't be said for his boyfriend. R Why would he choose a pic from ?

Makes no sense. Is he insecure? Did he think he looked better back then? Did Richard comment how good he looked in that pic so he decided to change it? R Did he really though?

His Valentine's Day post generated some interest but he hardly pimped out Miles and his relationship for press, it's kind of natural that it would be brought up in interviews. Connor hasn't really spoken that much about their relationship, just that they're going on two years and spend time in both Toronto and LA. And that he loves Miles' dogs.

R Nobody looks as good as their filtered selfies. Froy can look good, or less good, it depends. I personally think Froy looks very good in the candids from when he was walking with Richard. Why are Brandon Flynn trolls obsessed with disparing Froy? Richard was a single man when Froy made his moves. Froy does not follow back Brandon because he prefers to follow people he knows.

Froy has never had platif surgery. He has always been a cutie. He took any opportunity to bring it up. I don't blame him. If str8 people can exploit their relationships for publicity, why not gay people?

R Depends how you look at it. I personally think it's more to do with the fact that he is so in love he wants to scream it from the rooftops, he also said that is why he came out. This is his first serious relationship and he seems very smitten with Miles. I don't think it's just to do with PR, well, that might be some of it, but I doubt that's the whole reason he went public with the relationship.

R Froy looks better in unfiltered pap photos than on his instagram photos. He needs to ease off the filters. Will Connor ever recover if they split? I doubt he'll go down the Brandon route with drugs etc but I don't think he'd handle a breakup from Miles well. R I agree.

I prefer Froy more boyish looking. Don't get me wrong, he looked hot when he was on the hike with Richard, but I'm more into pretty looking twinks. I don't like that he is buffing up too much.

He unfollowed after Brandon got together with Madden. It was a brand deal, just like with Brandon's weed cigarettes. This was planned. R Oops, sorry, thought you were talking about the yellow get up from yesterday. I highly doubt Froy called the paps. The paps follow Richard everywhere. Froy happened to be there.

Froy looked good but so did Richard. They clearly showered that day. R Agree. Again, I think he looked amazing in the first pap pics from February. Not a fan of the long hair he's got now, and it does look like he's gained some weight during quarantine. I don't blame him though, as we all do. I'm sure he will lose it and start to work out when shooting gets closer. It's not uncommon for actors to fatten up between roles.

R Nah. Madden was back in LA for weekend without getting papped. The moment he walks down the street with this starlet he gets photographed. I think not. R He is more interesting when he is seen with a friend most people assumed he was just a friend back then than alone. Not all pics that the paps take get published. These did. Not sure it proves anything one way or another.

The dlisted comments are spot on and funny. At least they're not idiots like most of their fangirls. R Froy is totally smitten with Richard, you can tell from his new infatuation for James Dean.

It was deffo Richard's influence. Would not be surprised it that old profile pic is Richard's influence either. He probably said Froy looked cute and Froy changed the pic. When those weed pics came out Brandon never deleted comments Poor guy..

Pace's wiki page said his most recent comments on the subject included calling himself a "gay actor. No, because he's wearing a letterman jacket and he thinks it looks 50s, and it goes with the James Dean pic which was taken the morning he died, btw. Tbh Richard did a 50s-style Calvin Klein ad last year in a white t shirt and the tabs compared him to James Dean. Are you sure of this because both Froy and Andrew say they met on the set of Teen Wolf, or so I thought.

Idk why, i feel weird that Froy unfollowed brandon since b was with richard. And richard chose froy to date, and brandon liked froys pics just right before the paps pics out. I think there was something between froy and brandon. Jeff Davis' Xmas parties were pretty infamous as Twink Central. Could Madden have attended one or two in seasons past?

I mean, i think sth happened between froy and brandon before b was with RM. R Thanks, that actually makes a lot of sense. This is obviously to please Richard as he has an infatuation with James Dean, though I guess maybe Froy does now too. I don't get the James Dean thing. He looked 35 in Rebel Without a Cause R That just indicates Froy wanted Richard's dick for a long time, then he lost the opportunity when Richard got with Brandon.

He probably had Richard on speed dial once it was obvious he had broken up with B. Honestly, Jeff Davis said he liked Froy's audition for another part in a different show he was producing earlier.

He had him in mind for Nolan from that. Andrew said that he Andrew auditioned for another part on Teen Wolf the previous season and didn't get cast, but Davis remembered him from that. Maybe they also saw Jeff at a party but why would Froy and Andrew be hanging out before doing Teen Wolf, there's no evidence they knew each other. Andrew's minor part was built up after they started shooting Andrew said because they liked what he was doing. None of this points to favors from Jeff Davis.

Maybe both Brandon and Froy had a crush on Richard and told this each other then Brandon got him first, that's why Froy became so hostile towards Brandon. Froy is actually really close friends with Ellie Bamber.

He's going to play out "Fatal Attraction" with original ending! Froy un tagged himself from some posts too. The last one I saw the poster retagged eldergay Jeremy. Seems a bit creepy and random. Are we going to get an embarassing Sam Heughan - type post from Froy in the aftermath of all this? Log out, Froy. R Wow, really? I feel ashamed not knowing. How old is this forum anyhow? I'm not that old but I feel stupid not really understanding tagging and untagging and retagging.

Froy has been flying under the radar for a 3 or 4 years. I've been wondering if he would ever break through. Wouldn't be surprised if this gets him way more fan attention, which will lead to bigger career opportunities. I don't agree the gay angle will hurt his career.

R Same. I'm not shocked Froy is gay as I've suspected he is for a while. He kinda pings. I'm just glad we have confirmation now. Someone I know who met him said he pings off the charts irl. Normally I might not be attracted to that but with him, idk it just hits different.

R He has a smartass side, too, and that weird laugh, like hunh-hunh-hunh. Anyway he was always kind of unfiltered, and that works. Now he's starting to behave a lot more masc, maybe he needs to do that for career, or maybe he just wants to.

I like masc, but basically I rather have Froy to be Froy. R this is Froys breakout moment. What male actor has got a career bump from being linked with another male star? I expect it will be a short list R I can see Froy is liked by friends and coworkers and is a great person.

But I can see, and I think Helen Keller could see, he's thirsty and ambitious. So yeah he will milk it. But in his nice, Froy-like way. But is there a system there for him to milk it? Outside of going on "Hey Qween," the circuit is geared towards straight people. Straight people do not thirst for real life gay romance talk - the gals at LSA "ship" Madden with Kit Marlowe is that his name?

Aren't those pics to illustrate the improvement in air quality in Los Angeles thanks to the lockdown? R And you really believe all that lmao? Why would those young guys spend NYE at a party with JD JD is now 44 , party with him on numerous other occations or hang out with him at his house? No other TW cast members did that besides Cody Saintgnue.

And we know that he got the role because he was "friends" with JD. Sure, JD had Froy and Andrew in mind for their roles before he cast them. But I doubt it was because of some stellar auditions.

It could even be that they auditioned for something else before although I don't think JD was producing any other show besides TW at that time but then they started to suck up to JD and hang out with him.

That's why they got their roles. Why no photos after the Big Bird pap walk? She is a Mexican treasure. R Froy has been unknown to the general public since now. His acting career has been nearly non-existant as he's not the best actor. He gets a lot of exposure right now because of his connection to Richard. Froy will definitely be able to milk that. He'll get more social media followers because of it and more people will know know his name.

A higher profile will perhaps give him an advantage in future castings and more people will seek out his music as well. Froy has nothing to lose only a lot to win. How can he milk it? He doesn't have to do anything to get a bump in followers from this coverage. Would you like to him to drop a remake of Kelis' "Milkshake"?

R Ok I am not doubting your sincerity but other than reading your posts here, I haven't ever heard any of that. But I am a latecomer to Teen Wolf. I'm not asking for proof but I'm just interested - do you have any of those NYE pics of Froy and Andrew partying with Jeff Davis, or pics of them at his house?

And can you share them? Because I have never seen them or even heard that they exist. Do they still hang out with Davis? Executive producer Jeff Davis tells Teen Wolf News that he saw Gutierrez the first time when he auditioned for a different show. I've never watched Teen Wolf but I remember in the old Colton threads, someone posted a pic of some twink Colton was hanging out with and I think it was Jeff Davis' assistant.

The guy looked exactly like a "I met my assistant at the club" type. Is Andrew's bf actually rich? I know he's a lawyer but I think he's late 30s, plain. I'd be surprised if he's a bigshot. I guess I can't see Jeff Davis meeting 17 year old Froy who looked 14 at a NYE party - unless it was some kind of gay twink party, is that what you're saying? Also Jeff is 44 now, he would have been 40 or so at that time. Drew Barrymore was a drug addict by age A recent overdose, a 16 year old who played the young version of Grant Gustin' The Flash, started smoking drugs when he was He overdosed on Fentanyl When people join the workforce as children in Hollywood, they are around adults.

They can be invited to parties, red carpet events What's not clicking here? Froy just turned 22 last month so R Damon was JD's boyfriend for a long time. He got him a small job on TW, I think he got a little background role and worked his way up. He stayed on TW even after he and JD had broken up. JD also got Keahu a role on TW just because he was friends with him.

JD like to give roles to friends and "friends". R Anyone ever read Froy's tumblr? It's typical tumblr, I don't know if he's still on it. It will tell you more about Froy at least teenage Froy than anything. He was def disillusioned by Hollywood quickly.

Met idols who disappointed him. Then in one interview he talked about his hometown and how people there are "naive" - meaning, adults, and he was 17 saying this. Then he had to walk it back. So he seems to have known the score early. Yes, there are some bad cases like Drew Barrymore then again, she's a Barrymore but I think there are people like Dylan Sprayberry and his sister who have been acting since they were kindergarten age and they're not on drugs or whatever.

So it depends. Emilia Clarke's pad has gotten much greater exposure via Froychard than it did via Architectural Digest R I think Sprayberrry definitely took steroids for quite some time. His body looked pretty unnatural for a long time. I don't, it was an example off the top of my head. Anyway I wasn't thinking of steroids, if he used them.

You could as easily claim Froy is on steroids, he bulked up faster than Dylan - just look at his instagram. Froy bulked up in like, 4 or 5 months. They're difficult to google. Benjamin played a small role in the final season of TW and was then cast in JD's new show Let the Right on In that never got picked up. Benjamin was 17 when those photos were taken. After the internet star gives his fans a glimpse of himself, the internet is full of questions about him.

One question is who Froy is dating at the moment. Well…it seems like Froy is single right now. However, he has a rumored relationship with Richard Madden. They have both been seen together in several locations since last year. Guitierrez was in London with his actor friend and Game of Thrones star Madden, according to a September piece from Dailymail.

The report showed images of the couple walking down the sidewalk with a big black garbage bag filled with rubbish, taking it out. They also spent lockdown together in isolation in LA. However, some people consider Madden is a gay.

Back in October It was around the time of his 29th birthday. Froy can be found on the internet under the handle froy. He has a massive following on social media, with 1. His Instagram profile is loaded with photos of him modeling.

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