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Rumble website wikipedia

Editor Picks Live. Wimipedia 50 creator counts! Official BrantForLiberty 8 watching. Supreme Court about to end affirmative action jeffahern. Palestinian killed in West Bank car-ramming attack Reuters. Hannity: Every voter needs to do their part and 'take nothing for granted' Sean Hannity. Woman gets surprise airport visit for her 30th birthday Kayhrx.

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Rumble is a Toronto -based video sharing website [1] founded in by Chris Pavlovski. Rumble allows users to post and share videos, and enable creators to monetize and distribute video content across the Internet. Rumble webxite founded in by Chris Pavlovski. In FebruaryComscore ranked Rumble as the 47th top "content video" property. On June 28,the company had a trademark registration for the word "rumble" approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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It was held for wrestlers from the promotion's Raw and SmackDown! As has been customary sincethe Royal Rumble match winner rumble website wikipedia a world championship match at that year's WrestleManiain this instance, WrestleMania XX. Six professional wrestling matches were featured wesbite the event's supercarda scheduling of online dating customer service than one main event. The main event was the Click Rumble match, which featured wrestlers from both brands. This win rumbl in Benoit breaking the longevity record last held by Bob Backlundstaying in the match for over one hour, but was then broken by Rey Mysterio in

A list of articles needing cleanup associated with this project is available. See also the tool's wiki page and the index of WikiProjects. A revision was undid by Hipal citing bad sources. Can you please advise on the rationale of these sources not having notabiltiy? None of these sources have websitte declared as unreliable by Wiki.

If you think the Institute for Strategic Dialogue source is useful, add it to Twitch service Hate speech and harassment or propose it at that article's talk page, or take it to a noticeboard or whatever. According to reliable sources, millions of people use Twitch for anodyne reasons. Per sources, including the CTV documentary, Rumble focuses on politics first and foremost. Sources are going to notice something like that, so this comparison doesn't work. The existence of problems at other articles is not an excuse to add more problems to this article.

The Daily Beast source is reporting on a hypothetical, as their last paragraph indicates "Rumble is still soliciting user feedback on the proposed content policy. Those terms are not even active terms, it's a proposal. I think what matters is how far-right is interpreted by people from both sides of the spectrum, there are different points of view as i tried to explain.

In addition, I just really don't see how using far right in the lead without a solid RS is fair. There are solid reliable sources talking about Republican politicians using Rumble, much more than far-right, but we don't include that. It seems like we are only cherry picking pejorative words.

I noticed you added hate speech and extremism is found on Rumble, where does it say this in the CTV article? Hate speech is illegal in Canada, your edit is suggesting Rumble is breaking the law, and I cannot find anywhere it says that.

Please disregard my last post. I misread what you added in the body. What you added is good. I don't have an opinion on the wording in the lede at the moment, but the lede should reflect a summary of the body so I moved the disputed content and references to the body.

I also left everything in the lede but moved the references to clean up the overlinking. Zaathras , please explain why Rumble Ads ads. This was sourced by Reuters which is WP:RS and its not done in a passing mention, the entire article is about it. This is unlike what you argue is acceptable for using far-right in a lead. Truth Social is also a client of this new business unit, making it very real. This removal is a perfect example of bad faith editing and I look forward to the explanation before I jump to conclusions and report this.

A research study that just came out puts Rumble in dead last for political popularity. It really flies in the face of the opening lead sentence on Rumble which emphasizes right-leaning bias, based on the opinions of journalists. This is the first real research that explores this with Rumble. Pew Research , Ny Times. Political Orientation Chart. How should this change the lead, because right now, the lead suggests Rumble is popular for right wing political news, which is clearly not the case.

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Low This article has been rated as Low-importance on the project's importance scale. Supreme Court about to end affirmative action jeffahern. Palestinian killed in West Bank car-ramming attack Reuters. Hannity: Every voter needs to do their part and 'take nothing for granted' Sean Hannity. Woman gets surprise airport visit for her 30th birthday Kayhrx. Dachshunds puppies play tug-of-war with their sweaters picklesandfrankie. Baby literally can't contain his excitement for green beans NavySubmariner.

Dad freaks out when he finds out his wife is having triplets Runatwins. Live Stream with Dr. Robert Malone! Viva Frei Live! Louder with Crowder Steven Crowder On Election Day! Rumble acquired Locals in October Rumble has announced plans to trade publicly as soon as the middle of after merging with a special purpose acquisition company.

Rumble alleges that this reduces its viewership and results in lower advertising revenues. Anonymous Not logged in Create account Log in. Hand W iki. From HandWiki. Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Short description : Video hosting platform in Longboat Key, Florida.

Internet Video hosting service. November 12, Wall Street Journal. ISSN The New York Times. The Seattle Times.

Their follower counts stalled soon after. Washington Post.

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