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So, you've watched The Tinder Swindlermaybe more than once, so, now what? While you may be completely perplexed that someone like Simon Leviev even exists, chances are, there won't be any more out there like him, let alone any more TV shows made about them, right? For as long as we can remember, Netflix has always been the place to go to find weird and wonderful telly. Netflix has a whole back catalogue of click at this page crime documentaries and films ready for you to binge until 4am, telling unimaginable stories of frauds, cons, relationships, and drama. Here are the best shows to watch next if you craving more Tinder Swindler vibes.

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Liars and scammers and fraudsters, oh my! This miniseries, released by Netflix less than two weeks after Click Tinder Swindoerwas inspired by the exploits of Russian-German scam artist, Anna Sorokin, who pretended to be a wealthy heiress named Anna Delvey to defraud various U. He coerced them into giving him money, cutting themselves off from family and friends, and in some instances, performing sexual acts with him. This episode HBO Max docuseries follows 10 "overzealous entrepreneurs, who each went to extraordinary lengths to secure fame, fortune, or power. Available on Netflix, this lik covers the college admissions bribery scandal you know, the one with Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. This French documentary, also streaming on Netflix, "traces the rise and crash of scammers who conned the EU carbon quota system and pocketed millions before turning how to hook up gopro hero to tv one another. The subject of this Showtime series is Richard Scott Smith, who spent two decades preying on women and manipulating them into giving him money.

Best Netflix Movies Like The Tinder Swindler


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Simon Leviev, who is probably better known as the Tinder Swindler, thanks to the Netflix documentary by the same name, has become well-known because of his reported fraudulent behaviors women he's met online. Radar Online has explained the story quite well: In short, Leviev pretended click here be a member of the famous Israeli billionaire family the Levievs, met women on Tindertook them on expensive dates around the world, and then asked them for enormous amounts of show like tinder swindler. The women complied, thinking their new boyfriend needed their support tjnder but Leviev had already moved on to the next victim in his web of deceit. While the documentary covers plenty, there's still a lot to learn about Leviev who disability matches born Shimon Hayut before legally changing his name, though some publications use that name to refer to him. For starters, the diamond family he pretended to be part of has completely rejected his side of events, even going so far as to file a police report against him in Israel — and that's just the tip liks the iceberg.

Pulling off a major scam and making money in this illegal way show like tinder swindler something not everybody can do. It requires intelligence, tiner, and a lack of morals to be able to take advantage of other people. The Amanda elie Swindler is a new Netflix hit that shows what link when somebody uses others to profit off of them. Simon Leviev used Tinder to scam both his more info and female friends and got them to loan him thousands of dollars. Lime this day, the women didn't get their money back from tibder, and it's unlikely they ever will. While The Tinder Swindler is one of a kind, there are other intriguing movies on Netflix that work with the topic of scams and con artists, both fictional ones and documentaries, that the fans of The Tinder Swindler could enjoy.

This one is pretty wild, and that's saying a lot. It follows a young author, JT LeRoy, who, in the late '90s and mid-'00s, wrote several semi-autobiographical novels about a boy living on the streets with an abusive mother. His books caught the attention of numerous high-profile literary figures and celebrities including Winona Ryder and Bono. This documentary is about Frederic Bourdin, a con artist who convinced a family in Texas that he was their relative Nicholas Barclay, who had disappeared several years earlier.

This documentary is streaming on Pluto, Tubi, and Amazon Prime. This show, currently streaming on Hulu, gave us the infamous Antwone and Tony episode — need I say more? And finally, we have the movie that gave us a name for all the Tinder and similar swindlers out there. It turns out, though, JT LeRoy never existed dun dun dun. Check it out on Amazon Prime. Share This Article Facebook.

Simon Leviev pretended to be the heir of a prominent family operating with diamonds, but there are many other areas in which people can scam others. One of the most prominent ones includes art and paintings since there have been multiple cases of forged paintings in the past, as well as movies made about them. The recent document Made You Look chronicles one of the largest art frauds that ever happened. The focus is on the Knoedler Gallery that sold multiple fake paintings.

Even though the movie talks about art, it's understandable even for people who don't normally pay much attention to the topic. And just like with The Tinder Swindler , what makes the story even more surprising is how long the fraud went on before it all came tumbling down. Everybody interested in the system of higher education in the USA most likely heard about this scandal before.

A group of people, including known celebrities, paid a man who helped their children get into some of the most prestigious American universities, regardless of what their school results were. Of course, the scam eventually came out, and the documentary explores how it could have happened in the first place. It's a fascinating watch for both people who live in the USA and want to know more details as well as for those who have no idea how the American university system works.

Simon in The Tinder Swindler tricks women into giving him money. But there are multiple ways how to lie on Tinder, and one of them is to catfish people by pretending to be someone else. In this romantic Christmas comedy , Nina Dobrev plays Natalie, a journalist who meets a wonderful guy named Josh on Tinder. Managing to convince others that she's a German heiress, Anna Delvy swindles them for status, power, and wealth.

Leveraging her fake enormous fortune, the protagonist of this American miniseries manages to receive favors in cash, goods, and services as she tries to open an exclusive art-themed club. A two-season long Netflix original series, Dirty Money talks about some of the most intricate, crucial, and devastating schemes and frauds of all time.

In each season, instances of corporate corruption are discussed and interviews with the main perpetrators are shown. While the first season premiered in January , the second season aired in March From the Volkswagen emissions scandal to the life-threatening chemical effects on consumers of Formosa Plastics, Dirty Money gives various elaborate examples of corporate corruption.

Love Fraud follows the manhunt for Richard Scott Smith, a man from Lenexa, Kansas who was accused by his former romantic partners of fraud. Smith was said to be married at least 10 times and occasionally to more than one person at a time. Accused by the women he swindled and conned, Smith pled guilty and was sentenced to jail for identity theft and domestic abuse.

McMillions follows the head of security for the agency that ran the McDonald's Monopoly promotion and the perpetrator of the scam, Jerry Jacobson.

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