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It was a dramatic journey for many, and netizens loved being along for the ride. Your browser does not support video. Jin Taek left and So Yeon article source Netflix. Well, it seems as if netizens have put on their detective hats again and have found another couple who are potentially together. The two initially hit it off before Ji Yeon seemed to cool off on Se Hoon.

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Since the release of the Netflix series Squid Gamethere has suddenly been an increase in the popularity of Korean shows. The series follows a group of single Koreans looking for love and is similar charlie dating profile episode the idea of Infwrno Island, which is popular in Western countries. As the series is nearly ending, viewers have been trying to predict which couples will match up. More importantly, they want to know who will stay together after the show actually finishes! The current cast on the show Netflix. Two contestants who have had an extremely whirlwind journey on the show are Datinh Soyeon and Jin Taek.

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Single's Inferno, the Korean dating show on Netflixsees real-life K-drama unfold as 12 singletons six men and six women go on a quest for true love and get coupled up. The new series was the first Single inferno dating reality datig to join the streamer's signle top 10 ranking earlier this month, according to FlixPatrol. Set on a remote island surrounded by beautiful pink sunsets, pristine sandy beaches and sculpted sun-kissed bodies, the cast members must rely solely on their own "natural charm" to win each other over, with no knowledge of each others age or profession. Through different games held at the island, they each have a chance to win a night in "paradise" at a luxury hotel away from the island with the person daing their choosing. Only those who choose each other can enjoy an overnight date at the luxury hotel. The finale of here series, which was released on January 8saw the birth of four couples. The cast members shot to international fame following their datig on the show.

According to her Instagram profile dear. A post shared by??????? Ji A first single inferno dating her YouTube channel FreeZia back inwhere she garnered massive following through her look-books, makeup tutorials, and vlogs. In episode 2, the year-old shared that he has been a personal trainer and occasional model for the past five years! On the show, she shared click she is currently working as a personal trainer and pilates instructor. As seen on most popular app in Instagram yeah. She is also a huge fan of the beach and ocean and can be often seen partaking in sports like swimming and wave surfing.

Yet, in the final episodes, the two seemed to get closer again as they were honest about their feelings and found that they had more in common than expected. This meant that viewers were shocked when Se Hoon picked Ji Yeon on the final episode, and they walked off hand in hand. Of course, the perfect place to see if anything could be going on is Instagram. Some even joked that their images seemed to mirror each other and looked more like a love-stagram with matching couples outfits.

Also, fans noticed that Ji Yeon visited a flower shop at the start of January called Lejardin. Although all of the contestants received packages from Netflix, only Se Hoon and Ji Yeon posted pictures of them on Instagram.

After that, netizens found that both Se Hoon and Ji Yeon followed a photographer, and after the Alexander McQueen posts, many think that the two are going to be a photoshoot together. All of this evidence seems too good not to be true. View All However, it looks like any budding puppy love has fizzled out. As NME reports via Koreaboo, Hyeon-joong unfollowed Ji-a on the platform — but not for any scandalous reason like the fact that Ji-a was recently criticized for wearing fake designer clothes on the show.

There were no other reasons. Honestly, I had no idea that there was a controversy at the time. But all is not lost. Cryptic is the fate of Shin Ji-yeon and Moon Se-hoon. Neither is the most active on social media, but they do at least follow each other on Instagram.

Fortunately, it looks like the answer is yes. Per TheCinemaholic, both So-yeon and Jin-taek posted Instagram videos from what seems to be the same tennis court back in August, suggesting they were spending time together after the show.

On Feb.

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