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I'm guessing you have just downloaded Tinder, launched the app on your phone - and it has not worked! Well there are a few reasons Tinder might not work on your phone, so luckily I can help you, iphonne I will explore the 5 main reasons Tinder doesn't work below R dating apps are pretty hard to find, so when you discover Tinder, the excitement to check it out is great! And phone dating apps when it doesn't actually work can suck. So here's the 5 things to check for if your Tinder app is not working:. Dude, screw it, Tinder has been outdated.

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With over 50 million users a month, its servers must be working hard to get you those matches. If Tinder stops working then on your phone then you would need to connect to a secure internet network like Wi-Fi. Try switching to data and back and see if that fixes your Tinder problem. Once you peruvian sites a good internet connection you can check if Tinder is still not working. If you are still experiencing glitching or crashing then you need to try some other fixes. You can troubleshoot the read article using the solutions I provide you today.

Tinder Not Working? Here Is How To Fix It In


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Is Tinder not working? Well, that is quite unpleasant. In this dossn, we are going to cover every kind of Tinder login related issues that can prevent you from using the app. We will also give you tips on how to avoid these errors and how you can resolve them and use the app again. In this case, you will see error code A displayed on your screen. We have a full article explaining all the possible reasons and how you can get your account back.

Press the button once more to turn the device back on. Press and hold the button again to turn the device back on. Open Tinder. Tap the Tinder icon on your home screen to try again. View all of the apps that are running. To see a list of open apps: iOS: Double-click the Home button to see all the running apps. Android: Tap the square button at the bottom right corner to show all open apps.

Swipe away apps you want to close. In iOS, swipe up on each app to close it. Android users can swipe apps to the right. Part 2. Tinder recommends force-closing the application in the event of crashing issues. Force-close Tinder. This is slightly different depending on operating system: iOS: Swipe up on Tinder. Delete the App Data for Android. Launch Tinder.

Try using Tinder to see if the problem is resolved. If not, keep troubleshooting. Part 3. Tinder recommends that you use always use the latest version of the software on your device. When Tinder updates the app, they often squash the bugs that make it misbehave with other apps. Locate Tinder in the app store.

Determine whether there is an update available. Your device will download and install the update. Launch Tinder after updating. Hopefully your issues are resolved now, but if not, keep troubleshooting with this method. Part 4. Uninstall Tinder from your device. If other fixes have not corrected your issue, the next step is to uninstall and reinstall Tinder.

Install Tinder on your device. Once the app has finished installing, tap its icon on your home screen. Log in using your Facebook account. Test out the app. Swipe through members and view their profiles.

See if the app stalls or crashes. Part 5. Open the Android Settings menu. Doing this requires changing your Android settings to allow the installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store. Uninstall Tinder from your Android. Uptodown is a website that allows you to download older versions of apps. To tell when the app is currently down, you would need to go on the Down Detector.

This site is useful in many ways. This is useful as you can infer from this that the app is down. You will also be able to see the various problems other users are facing and you can see the suggested fixes they have tried. Closing Tinder will fix the crashing issue and anything related to that. When you close an app you Force close it meaning that all malfunctions will come to a halt and restart. To force start the app on an iPhone you would need to double-tap on the Home Button.

Once you have done this, look for the Tinder app and swipe up. The newer iPhone models are a lot different. You just need to slide up from the bottom on the home screen and follow the steps above.

On Android then this is a bit easier. If you are on an iPhone, iPad Samsung, or any other Android device then you would want to restart it. If you are on an iOS phone then you would want to hold on to the power button located on the top or right-hand side of your device.

In this case, you would want to slide the slider to the right to turn it Off. Now Hold the power button to turn it back on. If you are on an Android device then you would want to press hard on the power button until your device has turned off. Once turned Off you would want to turn it back on. Once your device is turned back on you would want to go on the Tinder app and check if it is working now. If you are still facing loading errors, issues logging in, or have problems sending messages, then it means that Tinder is either just not working or the whole app is down.

If you have already updated the Tinder app then it is worth checking for an update as updates do come up regularly in the app store. These bugs usually get fixed on newer updates.

If you have already tried this then go on to my next solution. Head over into the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your smartphone, and head over to the updates section. On iOS devices, you just need to tap on your profile and scroll until you find the Tinder app. If there is an available update then an update button should indicate so.

If you are on an Android device then you would need to go into the menu and tap on the Apps section. Tinder would be on the list of apps that need updating. Once updated, go into the app and check if you are getting any errors messages. Your internet connection could be the main culprit in all of this. If you know you have an unstable internet connection then you will have to take action.

I would start by checking if the Wi-Fi icon is still at the top of your screen. If not then it was your Wi-Fi connection. Head over into the settings app and toggle Off and on your Wi-Fi. Once you have done this, check if it did the trick. If you can access the app, it means that the issue is with your app or with your phone as you can access your profile in the browser.

Always get your match phone number or social profile info as soon as possible. There are plenty of reasons why you can get the tinder error code bad internet connection, wrong app version, Tinder service is down, or other technical reasons. The best way to test this is to use Tinder browser version.

Technically you can, but a lot of people experience login issues while using a VPN service to access Tinder. Hundreds of online dating app tutorials, guides reviews, and news. Privacy policy. Cookie Policy. Last updated: May 15, What Is Tinder Error Code ? Tutorials Tinder. Online Dating. HTML Sitemap.

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