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When we talk about popular dating apps out there, Tinder has to be the first pick. While Tinder has become extremely popular, there are dating of celebrities growing cases related source fake profiles and catfishing. To resolve this issue, Tinder has come up with a verified profile feature recently. Read on and learn how to get your Tinder verified in minutes! Just like any other dating app or social media platform, there have been a lot of instances related to fake profiles and catfishing on Tinder as well. To fix this, the app has egt up with a Photo Verification process. Ideally, anyone with an active Tinder account can apply for Photo Verification.

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For this, you need to have an active Tinder account first and a stable internet connection. To learn how to get verified on Tinder, just follow this basic drill. At first, you can launch Tinder on your phone and go to your profile. You can find the profile icon on the top of the interface. This will simply display your profile with the details that you have entered. Now, to learn how to get verified on Tinder, you need to tap on the grey icon a tick in a circle that would be located adjacent to your name.

As you would tap on the grey icon, the Tinder Photo Verification wizard would be launched, displaying the essential details. Now, Tinder will display a pose that you have to copy while taking your selfie and upload it to the app.

You have to do it twice and upload both the photos successfully on Tinder. Once you have uploaded your photos, you can just wait for a while for the verification process to complete. Usually, it takes at most days for the verification to be accepted or declined.

As soon as the verification process is completed, Tinder will let you know and you can view a blue tick adjacent to your name. While getting a verified badge on your Tinder profile would help, there are a few more tricks that you can implement to get more matches.

For instance, Tinder allows us to upload Loop snaps. They are 2-second mini videos that would make your profile more alive and help you stand out from the crowd. To come up with stunning Tinder loops, you can use a resourceful video editor like Wondershare Filmora. It is a user-friendly and powerful desktop video editor that would let you come up with striking loops in no time.

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Hieronder kan je aangeven of je dat goed vindt meer info: Privacy Policy. Posted on 18 May by Louis Farfields in Misc. Tinder verification is different from getting the blue checkmark on Twitter or Instagram. On Twitter or Instagram only famous people are eligible to get verified. But, getting Tinder verified will get you about 3x more matches. How do you get a blue checkmark on Tinder? Is it worth getting verified on Tinder? Detailed steps to get verified on Tinder How does getting verified on Tinder get you more matches?

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